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Steps to Leaps Program Overview

Generation Z is on campus and approaches higher education quite differently from their predecessors, the Millennials.  Steps to Leaps has been created to meet our students where they are in their own development, with a goal of fostering lifelong habits in areas such as well-being, leadership, impact-making, network building and grit.

Steps to Leaps is a cohesive framework, established through a combination of working directly with students, staff and faculty to assess needs, generational research, aligning existing programs where it makes sense and creating new content as appropriate.

Why do we need Steps to Leaps?

  • Significant upticks in demand for Counseling Services, Student of Concern reports and the Behavioral Intervention Team.
  • New generation requires new approaches to skill development.
  • Students report knowing many services exist, but are not sure how to access them.
  • Technological advancements enable more coordinated approaches.
  • Important set of attitudes/skills to develop in our students for lifelong benefit.

Who Benefits from Steps to Leaps?

  • Students may navigate the activities and assessments in a pillar on their own time.
  • Faculty or staff may suggest Steps to Leaps to a student, hold group sessions or incorporate a pillar into a program already in place.
  • Family members may suggest Steps to Leaps to a student.