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Sabria Croom photo

Student Spotlight

Sabria Croom’s Take on Impact, Well-Being and Grit

Sabria Croom, a senior studying accounting, is on the student advisory board and serves as the student director of the ACE Campus Food Pantry at Purdue. When asked what her secret is to stay on top of her school and volunteer “game,” she says it is essential to prioritize oneself to help others.

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Louis Tay
Zhixu (Rick) Yang

Well-Being Tip of the Week

Reframe Negative Feedback from Accusation to Contribution

Imagine a time when someone in your project team is not meeting expectations. Or a time when your close friend or sibling engaged in troubling behavior. You may want to speak up, share your observation, hoping that your feedback will help them change and improve. While the need to share feedback is prevalent and essential in many settings, it is also common for people to find giving feedback challenging, especially when it comes to delivering negative feedback.

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