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SMARTcomputing is a collaborative university-wide systems provisioning and management initiative intended to establish a program to better leverage technology resources for hardware and software and to reduce the total cost of ownership for systems procurement, provisioning, and management by standardizing platforms, configuration management, patch management, and software distribution.

SMARTcomputing Advantage

Goals Include:
  • Promoting a standardized secure computing environment within the Purdue community for 80% of the hardware and software systems
  • Maximizing the management of expenditures by streamlining costs and establishing best practices associated with:
    • Systems procurement
    • Standardizing platforms
    • Configuration management
    • Patch management
    • Software distribution
    • Hardware and software inventory
    • Asset management
    • Imaging and
    • Life-cycle replacement
  • Leveraging existing centralized security tools to ensure security of our resources and effectively implement proactive and preventive measures
  • Insuring the reliability and integrity of University systems and software and the data they store and\or transmit.
  • Standardizing collaborative efforts to reduce technical complexity; improve information security, privacy and integrity; improve customer satisfaction through improved service quality; and optimize resources and strategic partnerships.

All persons interested in participating in SMARTcomputing are invited to contact their IT support unit for questions about the program or to purchase SMARTcomputing hardware. All questions may be sent to SMARTcomputing@purdue.edu. 

Current Hardware Configurations