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Digital Signage

We are in the development stages of implementing replacement software for the campus digital signage service.  FourWinds Interactive software will be replacing the CoolSign software in the fall of 2014.

SMARTcomputing CoolSign provides a central Digital Signage program, built on CoolSign software that promotes a managed, enterprise solution for sharing and distributing content across campus.

The benefits of this program over stand-alone digital signage implementations include:
  • Flexibility
  • Use of common standard hardware, nonproprietary
  • Sharing of content across campus areas
  • Urgent messages displayed easily
  • Dynamic Content Management integration
  • Training Opportunities
  • Central Control managed by ITaP
  • Low staffing costs
  • Up to the minute adaptability
  • Central Software distribution
  • Reduced complexity
Components of the Digital Signage Model are:
  • Network Central Server supported through ITaP running Haivision Coolsign Content Manager Software
  • Content Creation Tools
  • Players (pc's and displays)
  • Shared processes and shared content
For more information on how to participate in this program please contact the SMARTcomputing Office staff using the follow address:
SMARTcomputingOffice@purdue.edu or Diane Hawkins 49-62526.

Current Hardware Configurations/Recommendations
Price Considerations/Rate Model
Program Participation Considerations