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The Science Journalism Laureates Program

Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science

The adventure of science shapes our understanding of everything that surrounds us. Every day, scientists around the world make findings that deepen that understanding and have the potential to solve some of the largest challenges we face.

As the frontiers of science have expanded, our capacity for understanding has been altered. Researchers challenge our five senses as they delve into the realm of the infinitely small and the infinite — too small to see ... and too large to comprehend. Enter the science journalist, who breathes life into science by showing us what we can't see and explaining what we can't comprehend. The very best of these communicators not only bring understanding, but also show us why we should care enough to understand.

To honor these dedicated professionals, the Purdue University Science Journalism Laureates program recognizes outstanding global science communicators. The laureates are selected based on their reputation for thought-provoking work and aptitude for translating scientific discoveries into a format the public can easily understand.

Previous honorees have represented such distinguished media outlets as The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, National Public Radio, Nature, Technology Review, The Chronicle of Higher Education and the Financial Times.

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