I Want Help from the Police

If you are in danger, call 9-1-1.

You have the right to report what happened to you to the police. You also have the right to have an advocate, either from Purdue's Center for Advocacy, Response, and Education (CARE) or a community agency, present with you at all meetings with law enforcement. Below are the four police departments in the Greater Lafayette community. You should contact the police department that is responsible for the specific location where the assault occurred. If you are not sure which police department to contact, the Purdue University Police Department is happy to speak with you to assist in determining which is the most appropriate department to contact.

On-Campus Incidents (includes residence halls, fraternity, sorority, and cooperative houses):

Off-Campus Incidents:

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Reporting Options
Advocacy Services Frequently Asked Questions About Law Enforcement's Response


24-Hour Confidential Information and Support Hotline

Call anytime to speak with someone who can explain your options and connect you with resources.