Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

Purdue University has a number of programs and opportunities that may bring minors to campus. All University community members have certain responsibilities under both Indiana law and Purdue policy with regard to minors in the area of suspected abuse and neglect. Reporting any suspected or witnessed sexual abuse of a minor is required by Indiana law for anyone over the age of 18. Reports may be anonymous.

Specifically, Indiana law (Ind. Code Sec. 31-33) requires the following:

  1. Anyone over the age of 18 must report suspected child abuse or neglect (of any type, not just sexual abuse) to either the police or to Child Protective Services.
  2. Purdue faculty and staff may report their suspicions to a supervisor, who then becomes responsible for filing a report.
    • If you report your suspicions to a supervisor, you are still required under Indiana law to file a report. 
  3. Anyone who reports child abuse or neglect or is involved in the report's investigation is immune from civil or criminal liability, unless the person acted maliciously or in bad faith.

Under Purdue policy, University community members have the following responsibilities:

  1. Report suspected child abuse or neglect to the police or Child Protective Services (800-800-5556). Call 911 in an emergency situation.
  2. Report suspected child sexual abuse by Purdue faculty, staff, students, volunteers, contractors, or other covered persons in accordance with the Anti-Harassment Policy.
  3. University community members may also file reports anonymously on Purdue’s Whistleblower Hotline online or by calling 866-818-2620.
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