Visual Arts and Design

The Visual Arts and Design Committee shall:

  1. Study and promote a heightened cultural atmosphere on campus through the visual arts in cooperation with appropriate academic departments and/or campus organizations. It shall plan and develop a program of acquisition, maintenance, and display of arts and artifacts for the University that will create an atmosphere in which students, staff, and citizenry can gain a heightened appreciation of the diversity of visual art forms and its creators.
  2. Review general design criteria of proposed new structures; evaluate and suggest alternatives where appropriate. Advise the vice president for physical facilities on matters of building and landscape design concerns from the user’s viewpoint. Periodically review overall campus appearance and make recommendations for improvements relating to architectural and landscape design and planning.
Name Title/Unit BLDG Phone Term End
Fred Berry School of Engineering Technology




Paul Brown Forestry & Natural Resources FORS 44968 2022
Abrar Hammoud Technology, Leadership & Innovation KNOY 63165 2023
Jennifer Hoewe Communication BRNG 2023
Sarah Huber Chair, Libraries WALC 2022
Jules Janick Horticulture & Landscape Architecture HORT 41329 2022
Anthony Mull MaPSAC Representative, Agriculture Administration AGAD 40280 2021
Dev Niyogi Agronomy HAMP 46574 2022
TBD CSSAC Representative 2021
TBD Purdue Student Government 2021
TBD Purdue Graduate Student Government 2021
Name Title/Unit BLDG Phone Term End
Arne Flaten Head, Visual & Performing Arts PAO 43056 N/A
TBD Manager of the Visual Arts Lending Collection or designee N/A
TBD Physical Facilities Liason N/A