Athletic Affairs

The Athletic Affairs Committee (AAC) is an oversight body charged with ensuring an outstanding college experience for student athletes supporting both their classroom and athletic pursuits. The committee includes faculty, staff, student, alumni, and community representatives.

It is expected that Purdue Athletics will be a financially self-supporting enterprise that provides the resources for coaches and staff to develop championship programs.

The committee shall:

  1. Promote high standards in intercollegiate athletics
  2. Approve competition schedules.
  3. Act as an advisory and consultative body to the University Senate, the President, the director of Intercollegiate Athletics and to the faculty representative to the Big10 (B1G) on matters of policy affecting intercollegiate athletics.

On those matters of intercollegiate athletics appropriate for faculty decision (e.g. White Resolutions), the Athletic Affairs Committee shall act for the faculty, provided that at least six of the voting faculty members concur with its action; otherwise University Senate action shall be required. Within one week of its action for the faculty a report will be forwarded to the Student Affairs Committee for review and appropriate action.

Name Title/Unit Term End
Kathy Abrahamson Associate Professor - Nursing 2023
Ernest Blatchley Civil Engineering 2025
Stacy Holden Associate Professor of History 2022
Jessica Huber Athletic Affairs Committee Chair
Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
Kip Williams PSYC 2024
Faculty Athletic Representatives
Name Title/Unit Term End
Marcy Towns Professor - Chemistry 2023
Phillip Vanfossen Distinguished Professor of Social Studies Ed  2023
Student Affairs Liaison
Name Title/Unit Term End
Name Title/Unit Term End
TBD PSG Nominee 2021
TBD Student-Athlete Representative 2021
TBD Student-Athlete Representative 2021
Administrative Members
Name Title/Unit Term End
Mike Bobinski VP/Athletics Director
Jason Butikofer Deputy Athletics Director
Nancy Cross Sr. Associate AD-Sports
Ed Howat Sr. Associate AD-Student Serv./Sports
Beth McCuskey Presidential Liaison - Vice Provost for Student Lift
Tom Mitchell Associate AD-Compliance
Calvin Williams Associate AD-Sports
Alumni Representatives
Name Title/Unit Term End 
Tony Albrecht Alumni Representative  2021
Gary Henriott Alumni Representative - Henriott Group Inc. 2020
Name Title/Unit Term End
Sue Holder Price Community Liaison - Holder Law Offices 2020