Censure and Dismissal Procedures

Members of this committee shall become thoroughly familiar with Principles and Policies for Academic Freedom, Responsibilities and Tenure, and Procedures for Termination of Faculty Appointments for Cause as found in Executive Memorandum B-48.

Last NameFirst NameDepartmentTerm
Doering Otto Ag. Econ 2019
Dunn Peter Entomology 2019
Dzhafarov Ehtibar Psych. Sciences 2019
Ghiselli Richard HTM 2020
Huber Jessica SLHS 2019
Leung Brian English 2019
Marshall Maria Ag Econ 2021
Nowack Robert EA & P Sci 2019
Sturm Jessica Lang. & Cultures 2019
Volenec Jeffrey AG 2020
Zelaznik Howard H & K 2019
Last NameFirst NameDepartmentTerm
Danielli-Garofalo Donatella Mathematics 2021
Elliott Stephen CIT 2021
Harris Michael Chemical Engineering 2021