Committee for Student Excellence

The committee shall be charged with:
1) Identifying superior high school students and encouraging their enrollment in the University
2) Sponsoring and promoting the education of superior students at Purdue
3) Getting superior students duly recognized and placed
4) Seeking to increase the number of Rhodes, Wilson, Danforth, and other scholarships awarded to Purdue students.

Name Department BLDG Phone Term End
Chelsea Baker Pharmacy Practice RHPH 2023
Chad Carroll Health & Kinesiology LAMB 66002 2023
Pamela Karagory Nursing JNSN 66397 2023
Singe Kastberg Curriculum and Instruction BRNG 2023
Matthew Lanham Management KRAN 2023
Li Qiao CSE Chair
Aeronautics & Astronautics
ARMS 2023
Lavanya Reddivari Food Science NLSN 2023
PSG Representatives
Name Department Term End
TBD 2021
TBD 2021
TBD 2021