Undergraduate Curriculum Council

The Undergraduate Curriculum Council (UCC) is charged with the administration and oversight of the undergraduate outcomes-based core curriculum. The UCC determines and oversees the operational guidelines associated with implementation elements of the core curriculum including approval of foundational courses, establishment of guiding rules for the approval, regulation, and monitoring of foundational outcome courses, resolution of issues related to transfer students, and the review of foundational and embedded outcomes.

Voting Members
Name Title/Unit Term
Chad Allred Management 2020
Steve Bell Science 2021
Clark Cory Purdue Polytechnic Institute 2021
Jennifer Dobbs-Oates Health & Human Sciences 2022
Karen Marais Engineering 2022
Clarence Maybee UCC Vice-Chair, Libraries 2021
Jonathan Neal UCC Chair, Agriculture 2020
Jill Newton Education 2023
Derek Pacheco Liberal Arts 2021
Rodolfo Pinal Pharmacy 2022
TBD Veterinary Medicine 2023
Non-Voting Members
Name Title/Unit Term
Stephanie Dykhuizen Office of the Provost (Recorder) N/A
Maggie Gerald Registrar's Office N/A
Ryan C. Jones Registrar's Office N/A
Sharon Morphew Registrar's Office N/A
Anna Ochs Advisor, Honors College N/A
James Pula History and Philosophy - PNW N/A
Heather Servaty-Seib Interim Associate Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning N/A
Susie Swithers Ex officio, Immediate Past Chair 2020
Jeff Watt Mathematics Ed - IUPUI N/A
Anne Weiss Assistant Director of Assessment, IDA+A N/A
Cara Wetzel Advisor, Exploratory Studies N/A
Peggy Wier Associate Registrar N/A
TBD PSG Representative 2021
EPC Liaison
Name Department Term
Stephen Martin EPC Representative 2020