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ITaP Networks and Security presents "The Internet: Your Ticket to Ride"

Purdue University’s Information Technology Networks and Security unit will host the second annual National Cybersecurity Awareness Month of events throughout October. This year’s events will focus on using the Internet safely and discuss emerging trends in information technology.

  • WHEN: October 10, 17, 24, and 31, from 9 to 11 a.m.
  • WHERE: Fowler Hall in Stewart Center

View these events live at mms://video.dis.purdue.edu/itapsecurity.

October 10: Internet Riding Safely

Scott Ksander, Chief Information Security Officer and Executive Director of Networks and Security of Purdue University and Pablo Malevenda, Associate Dean of Students, will discuss ways to safely use the Internet, including appropriate information to share on social networking sites like Facebook. Neil Daswani, an engineer from Google, will also discuss how engineers can go about learning what they need to know to prevent the most significant emerging data security vulnerabilities, and the impact these vulnerabilities are having on electronic commerce and he will also discuss the current state of security education.

Pablo Malevenda's Handout

Scott Ksander's presentation (ppt)

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October 17: Cybercrime and Copyright Infringement

Computers and networks have become a tool and a target for criminal activity. Amber, a Purdue student who was sued by the RIAA for illegally downloading songs, will speak about her experience. Mr. Chris Burgess, CISCO Senior Security Advisor and Chief Scientist, will speak on intellectual property strategies, and Purdue Professor Marcus Rogers will speak on the law and Cyber Forensics.

Cybercrime and Copyright Infringement presentation

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October 24: Future Destinations: Trends in Technology

What new technology will we see next year? What trends will we see? Will these be good or bad?  George Heron, VP and Chief Scientist for McAfee, will share security and technology trends.

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October 31: Destination Unknown

In the United States, higher education has had preeminent status since 1936, but is currently experiencing negligible growth, impending enrollment declines, and heightening competition. What might higher education look like in 2020? How will technology impact its changing face? Join Purdue’s CIO, Gerry McCartney, and watch a short video, “School of Athens or Mr. Ford's Factory: IT and the Future of Higher Education.” Then find out who wins our second annual Security Halloween Contest!

Gerry McCartney's presentation (ppt)

Scott Ksander's presentation (ppt)

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