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ROSS Enterprise Center
3495 Kent Ave, Suite 100
West Lafayette, IN 47906

Time Zone

Eastern Time(EST, GMT-0500; EDT, GMT-0400)

Telephone Number


Facsimile Number


Other Telecommunication

None Available

Electronic Mail Address


Public Keys

The STEAM-CIRT maintains a public PGP key, whose ID is 0x2B0A29BF, and whose fingerprint is 60DB ECD7 8B4C 2758 3707 7AD2 094F AFAB 2B0A 29BF. This and other keys used by the STEAM-CIRT can be found at any of the major public key servers, most notably http://pgp.mit.edu:11371/pks/lookup?search=purdue+university+steam-cirt&op=index.

Team Members

Justin Greer, Greg Hedrick, Curt Jansen, Tony Kasyan, Brett Sutherlin, Keith Watson, James Wilhelm

Points of Customer Contact

The preferred method for contacting the STEAM-CIRT is via the Incident Report Form. If urgent assistance is needed, please check the "urgent" box on the form. If you encounter difficulties with the report form, or are sending files regarding a specific issue please send them in email to abuse@purdue.edu.