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IE zero-day, phpBB troubles looming?

IE Zero-day Exploit

Harry Waldron's Windows Security blog talks about a new 0-day exploit for Internet Explorer. Proof of concept DoS code has been posted to the Internet, but you can bet someone will finagle this to execute arbitrary code.

phpBB troubles looming?

You may have noticed this information circulating the net on Sunday. The ISC and digg both report on posts made to a German bulletin board that indicate a mass attack against phpBB is eminent. At the moment this appears to be only speculation based on the mass subscription to phpBB boards by a bot which registers the nick "FuntKlakow".

For those of you out there that run phpBB, you may want to keep an eye out for recent registrations with that nick or variations on the theme.

Posted by Matthew Wirges on March 19, 2006, in Handlers Log.