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In 2002, Purdue University pioneered a new solution to address the lack of diversity within the STEM pipeline. Science Bound brings together the resources of Purdue University, the Indianapolis Public School (IPS) system and the local business community. Its mission is to prepare IPS students for college and expose them to STEM opportunities. The program can begin as early as the sixth grade. Upon successful completion of the high program, gaining admission to Purdue University and enrollment into an approved Science Bound major, the Science Bound scholar will be offered a 4-year tuition scholarship that fills the financial need for tuition, fees and books. For more information go to the About Us page

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What our alumni are saying

"One thing I must say about Science Bound is that it showed me that growing up unprivileged or with the odds against doesn't necessarily mean you are out of the race, only that this race to success will just be a little bit harder than others. Science Bound really pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and to recognize my full potential. We didn't always get along because I had the impression they were trying to "change me" or force me to be someone that I wasn't, but they were only trying to prepare me for a world and journey that would not be easy and I truly thank them for that. I could honestly say if it wasn't for the mental, educational, and of COURSE financial support and help of Science Bound I would not be the person that I am today. Thanks Science Bound."

Brandon Chestnut

"Science Bound gave me the tools and opportunity to be a successful student at Purdue University. The program also went above and beyond to introduce me to an invaluable network of peers and corporations to thrust my professional life into action. The generosity and dedication of Science Bound staff and sponsors showed me the true meaning of "ever grateful ever true." Thank you, Science Bound, and as always, boiler up!"

Kristin Blunt


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