Thermochronology Facilities

Thermochronology @ Purdue specializes in low-temperature thermochronometry using radiogenic and cosmogenic noble gas isotopes. The T@P facilities consist of two laboratories in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences on the third floor of Hampton Hall. The mass spectrometry laboratory is equipped with an NGX multi-collector noble gas mass spectrometer as well as a gas-source quadrupole mass spectrometer, both connected to a custom-built, automated, ultra-high vacuum extraction line. While we primarily focus on measurements of helium and neon isotopes, this facility has the capability to measure the isotopes of all noble gases. The chemistry laboratory is equipped with a laminar-flow exhausted fume hood and other equipment needed for preparation of samples for U, Th, and Sm measurements. This facility is also be equipped with a stereoscopic microscope for sample picking and preparation. Construction of the noble gas thermochronology laboratory began in late 2019. To check progress on lab construction and setup, follow the lab’s Instagram page and/or Youtube channel, both at the handle purduethermochron.