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Welcome to the College of Science Student Success Scene, a bi-weekly newsletter featuring activities and opportunities especially relevant for science undergraduates. The Science Student Success team is comprised of Terry Ham, International Student Integration and Retention Specialist, Natasha Harris, Assistant Director for Multicultural Science Programs, Science Diversity, Danielle Sheese, Career Development and Retention Specialist, Laura Starr, Director for Experiential Learning and Student Success, and Connie Kaspar Wise, Assistant Director for Women in Science Programs, Science Diversity.

Career Specialist
The CoS Career Specialist Is Available To Help You

Make an appointment through the Boiler Connect system by choosing the following
  • Care Unit: Career / Preprofessional Advising
  • Service: College of Science Career Specialist
  • Reason: Select from Choices
  • Location: CoS Career Services (Virtual)
  • Name: Danielle Sheese
Once an appointment is made a virtual meeting will be set-up.  If you have issues scheduling, please call 765-494-1771 and the receptionist will assist you. 
What Services Does the Career Development Specialist Provide?

  • Career counseling appointments
  • Customized career planning (holistic approach to student marketability at graduation-how do students set themselves apart from other students?)
  • Choosing a major/career path
  • Career assessment interpretation
  • Discover what students can do with their major
  • Discussion of interviewing strategies/mock interviewing & preparation 
  • Job/internship searching-targeted resources
  • Presentations and workshops specifically tailored for College of Science students
  • Networking opportunities with College of Science alumni including (Coffee & Conversation events and SCI 490 Course “Dean’s Leadership Forum”)
  • And more (including website- 

Are you ready for Fall Recruiting?

Learning Beyond The Classroom
  • Are you graduating in December 2020?  Make sure to have completed all LBC reports by September 16, 2020.
  • This summer, did you complete an internship, undertake research, perform community service, or participate in another activity eligible for LBC points?  Be sure to write your reports before you get too busy.  
  • Would you like to attend a conference, study abroad, or participate in another LBC activity for which you need some funding?  Submit an LBC grant application.  
  • Not enrolled in Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC)? Enroll today! 

For more information and to enroll, CLICK HERE

 If you have questions, contact LBC at

Study Abroad
Online scheduling available for remote advising with Study Abroad.

The Study Abroad Office is now offering online scheduling for remote advising meetings. Students can fill out a brief survey on the Study Abroad website to request an appointment. Based on their interests, they will be matched with a Study Abroad advisor and invited through BoilerConnect to schedule a phone or video call
.   Click Here

Application deadline for spring semester programs: September 15, 2020.

Campus Events

Career Closet Announcement - Fall 2020
The CCO is pleased to announce the 2020 Purdue - JCPenney Partnership. With news that the JCPenney store in Lafayette will remain open, the CCO is delighted to once again collaborate in co-hosting the JCPenney Suit-Up event. With the Career Closet closed for the Fall 2020 semester in response to the safety and risk of staff and students associated with COVID-19, this event will provide students with steeply discounted attire suitable for interviewing with prospective employers. More details regarding the September 2020 JCPenney Suit-Up event will follow.

Network and connect during Lilly's premier campus recruiting kickoff event for the Boilers, Lilly Day at Purdue! This is a virtual event you won't want to miss. Please use the email you check most frequently to register.
"Coffee & Connect" | 11:00am-1:00pm 
Bring a cup of coffee and pre-register for a ten-minute time slot to pop in, introduce yourself, and meet with a Lilly employee in your area of interest. 
 "Community, COVID, and Careers" | 4:15pm-5:15pm
A discussion with Lilly leadership and early career professionals about the world we are living in, what Team Lilly is doing to conquer COVID-19, and finding a career during a pandemic. Lilly professionals will speak on navigating the virtual workforce and how Lilly has handled these unprecedented circumstances.
 "Functional Breakouts" | 5:30pm-6:30pm
Learn about career paths at Lilly and how YOU can impact the future of healthcare in areas such as:
  • Engineering 
  • Medicines Innovation Hub (MIH)
  • Information Digital Solutions (IDS)
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • And More
To Register:

Coffee & Connect: Text LDAPConnect to 505000

Panel Discussion: Text LDAPPanel to 505000

Functional Breakouts: Text LDAPBreakout to 505000

CCO BLOG: "You Asked They Answered"
The CCO reached out to our employer partners with some of the questions we’ve received from undergraduate and graduate students since the start of the pandemic. Read on to learn what our employer partners are saying!
Today we are focusing on how students can still find opportunities to continue to develop themselves professionally. Eli Lilly, GE, and PepsiCo chimed in on this topic to help you prepare to be a competitive candidate.
How could students use their current time most effectively? Will your industry be looking for specific ways that students are using their time?
Many students had to change their summer plans and scramble to find other opportunities to continue to grow and develop. One employer suggests that students should continue to focus on their schoolwork as well as find activities and organizations where they can show their passion and develop leadership skills. ‘Being able to balance not only your schoolwork, but other areas that are important to you shows employers that not only can you manage your time effectively, but that you have initiative.’
Daria Kowalinski from PepsiCo tells students to look for ways to increase their productivity and develop an innovative mindset. ‘This will help you as you transition into the workplace because you will be able to assist the organization in getting to the next level and increasing productivity.’
Daria goes on to remind students to look for ways that they can drive change. ‘This can be in your schoolwork, volunteering, or even campus organizations. Being able to share how and where you drove change will help you decide what to share in an interview.’ PepsiCo wants to see how new hires can use their work and passions to continue to better humanity. Start thinking about experiences where you can show your positive contributions! 
What sorts of professional development activities would be good substitutes for the internship experience that students would have got?
There are still plenty of ways to develop during the time of social distancing. Alexis Cohen from Eli Lilly said, “Networking and interviewing with professionals in your field of interest via LinkedIn and setting up virtual shadow days  (if the company allows ) are excellent means of preparing for your future.” 
Along those same lines, Tony Denhart from GE reminds us, “When you reach out, really put some thought behind your message. Be sure to make the ask, ‘Can I have 5-10 minutes of your time to ask about working for [your] company or about [your] role?’”
By personalizing your ask you increase your chance of getting a response. Using LinkedIn’s various search tools you can identify people to connect with based on their company, location, school, and major…to name just a few. Remember to introduce yourself and let them know why you reached out. What on their profile stood out to you and what would you like to learn from them?
What advice for May 2020 graduates who have yet to find employment?
As you are looking for opportunities, Tony suggests stepping back and opening up your view for additional opportunities. This could mean looking at more locations, companies, or even jobs. ‘Give yourself more avenues to explore and don’t give up!’
The CCO would like to remind you of the resources we have available for you! 
  • Be sure to login to your myCCO account! MyCCO is Purdue’s exclusive online job board where you can find jobs, internships, as well as information on career fairs and information sessions.
  • Don’t forget that the CCO offers Job Search Appointments where you can meet with a Career Coach to get assistance in your job/internship search. Schedule an appointment via BoilerConnect.
  • Check out the CCO Calendar for information sessions and other ways to get connected with employers!
  • Connect with us on social media to get additional information on opportunities and resources to assist you in your professional journey. We’re on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest, and Wix
Questions: email or call 765-494-3981. 
The Center for Career Opportunities would like to thank our 21stCentury Partners for taking the time to answer our questions, especially Eli Lilly, General Electric and PepsiCo. To see a list of our 21stCentury Partners click here.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Biological & Environmental Systems Science at
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Biological and Environmental Systems Science (BESS) Directorate leads convergence research in biology, ecology, engineering, data discovery, physical sciences, and computing to advance U.S. competitiveness in the global bio economy and Earth system sustainability.  Our researchers enjoy an open, inclusive, and innovative workplace where they collaborate daily to advance renewable energy solutions, biodiversity research, and push the frontiers of systems and synthetic biology.

The Environmental Sciences Division
focuses on expanding scientific knowledge and developing innovative strategies and technologies that will strengthen the nation’s leadership in creating solutions to help sustain Earth’s natural resources.

The Biosciences Division
advances science and technology to characterize and engineer complex biological systems that benefit the environment and our bio economy.

Building upon a rich history of breakthroughs in biology and ecology, BESS scientists are proud to have sequenced the first tree genome, pioneered the field of global change biology, and solved the 40-year mystery of how bacteria transform mercury into highly toxic methylmercury.

Job Opportunities

In May 2020, we launched an internal initiative to strategically expand opportunities for scientific leadership aligned with growth in key programs, mission needs, and emerging research areas.

Join us!

We’re creating new, focused teams to accelerate leadership in core capabilities identified by our sponsors, partners, and research staff.

New Section Heads will provide R&D leadership to groups in common thematic areas, set consistent expectations, coordinate across disciplines, and help to align the activities of groups with the vision of the directorate and the lab as a whole.

 New Group Leaders will sustain individual excellence in research and development while building a group of peers who pursue global leadership and exemplify ORNL’s commitment to solving some of the world’s most difficult problems.

Leadership Opportunities in Biological and Environmental Systems Science

 • Biodiversity and Sustainable Systems

• Earth Systems Science

• Earth System Informatics and Data Discovery

• Biodesign and Systems Biology

• Biocomputing and Information

• Bioimaging and Analytics

Apply today at