Welcome to the College of Science Student Success Scene, a bi-weekly newsletter featuring activities and opportunities especially relevant for science undergraduates. The Science Student Success team is comprised of Terry Ham, International Student Integration and Retention Specialist, Natasha Harris, Associate Director of Science Diversity,  Connie Kaspar, Associate Director of Science Diversity, Giselle Salina-Bender, Diversity Program Administrator, Danielle Sheese, Associate Director for Career Development and Retention,  and Laura Starr, Director for Experiential Learning and Student Success
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Boilermaker Special and Engineering Fountain Spring time
College of Science
We’re celebrating
Boilermaker Special and Engineering Fountain Spring time
We're  celebrating our students who represent the best of academic achievement and student success
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Free Summer Tutoring
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Global Science Partners
Are you interested in making friends from around the world?
Are you interested in increasing your marketing ability by improving your intercultural competence?
Do you enjoy learning about other cultures and sharing things about your own culture?
Would you be willing to mentor a new College of Science student (1st year, transfer, or exchange) ?

Join us in Fall 2023 for monthly dinners, trips and activities (free for you!) that are designed to help you learn about other cultures ... while having fun!

For further information check out our website!

To sign up go to the application here.

For questions contact Terry Ham at hamt@purdue.edu.
Boilermaker Special and Engineering Fountain Spring time
Career Specialist is Available Over the Summer
The CoS Career Specialist Is Available To Help You

Make an appointment through the Boiler Connect system by choosing the following 
  • Care Unit: Career / Preprofessional Advising
  • Service: College of Science Career Specialist
  • Reason: Select from Choices
  • Location: CoS Career Services (Virtual)
  • Name: Danielle Sheese
Once an appointment is made a virtual meeting will be set-up.  If you have issues scheduling, please call 765-494-1771 and the receptionist will assist you. 
What Services Does the Career Development Specialist Provide?
  • Career counseling appointments
  • Customized career planning (holistic approach to student marketability at graduation-how do students set themselves apart from other students?)
  • Choosing a major/career path
  • Career assessment interpretation
  • Discover what students can do with their major
  • Discussion of interviewing strategies/mock interviewing & preparation 
  • Job/internship searching-targeted resources
  • Presentations and workshops specifically tailored for College of Science students
  • Networking opportunities with College of Science alumni including (Coffee & Conversation events and SCI 490 Course “Dean’s Leadership Forum”)
  • And more on the College of Science Careers Website
Summer of Learning: Learn Beyond the Classroom
  • Use your LBC reports when preparing for interviews or writing applications for internships, jobs, and graduate and professional schools.
  • Take advantage of the summer months to build your portfolio: job shadow, volunteer in your community, join a diversity organization, and get to know people who are different from yourself
  • Submit LBC reports on activities you completed during the school year.
  • If you have submitted a report, check and see if you have been asked to supply more information.  If you find that you have received “0” points on a report, look at the feedback and you will see what questions you have been asked to answer.  Resubmit your report with the required information so that your LBC points can be updated.
  • If you are graduating in August 2023, make sure to have completed the requirement for the certificate by June 19th.
  • If you wish to apply for an LBC grant to support an LBC activity, complete our electronic application form here.

Not enrolled in Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC)? Enroll today! Click Here  
    If you have questions, contact LBC at   lbc@purdue.edu
    Thinking About Study Abroad?
    University of New South Wales  
    Building at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
    The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is one of Australia's great universities. The main university campus is in Kensington, a suburb of Sydney about 20 minutes by bus from the main central railway station and 30 minutes from the harbor and ferry terminals. It is close to shopping areas, restaurants, beaches and parklands. UNSW is a modern, urban university with extensive sporting and recreational activities to complement its reputation for scholarship and research. The University's host city, Sydney, is the largest, oldest, and perhaps the most beautifully situated city in Australia.
    For more information check out this website.
    Need some help to study abroad?
    Act quickly; deadlines are fast approaching for some of these opportunities! 

    There are many avenues to secure funds:
    1. There is funding available through the Purdue Office of Study Abroad. Check out the website for more information.
    2. Eligible students can apply for a grant from Learning Beyond the Classroom.
    3. The College of Science provides study abroad scholarships.
    4. The Office of Experiential Education offers a scholarship.
    5. Check out other sources here.
    WISP Happenings
    What a wonderful year!  Thanks to our 95 first-year mentees and 93 upper-class mentors for consistently connecting during the academic year to celebrate each other’s triumphs and support the challenges.  Four committee chairs and twenty members created opportunities for the cohort to network, learn, receive information, offer outreach experiences, and have fun together.  Congratulations to our 30 graduating seniors who are leaving a positive legacy with their involvement over the years.  You are always welcome back to WISP to share your journey!  A warm kudos goes to our eight leadership team members (pictured) who created a positive impact on our cohort by developing nine monthly sessions with 15 dynamic speakers as well as built community with their teams and supported 18-30 individuals.  Let’s all continue to empower women and non-binary individuals!  Keep in touch 😊 Connie
    Beyond Campus
    Local Summer Jobs Available
    Staying at Purdue or West Lafayette/Lafayette for the summer?  The Wabash Center and Grants House have summer positions available.  The pay is competitive and the hours are flexible and will work around your student schedule.  The positions are roles as Direct Support Professionals and will include training.  A “Direct Support Professional” or DSP works directly with people with intellectual or developmental disabilities to assist the people they work with to become independent and integrated into their community.  They are currently hiring for their Camp 54 summer program.  Camp 54 begins May 30th, apply ASAP so you can receive training before the program begins.

    This is a great opportunity for those looking for “direct patient care” hours for graduate and/or professional school.  Those interested should apply at wabashcenter.com.  Questions can be answered by contacting Stacia Bernard at sbernard@wabashcenter.com.