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Career Specialist
The CoS Career Specialist Is Available To Help You

Make an appointment through the Boiler Connect system by choosing the following
  • Care Unit: Career / Preprofessional Advising
  • Service: College of Science Career Specialist
  • Reason: Select from Choices
  • Location: CoS Career Services (Virtual)
  • Name: Danielle Sheese
Once an appointment is made a virtual meeting will be set-up.  If you have issues scheduling, please call 765-494-1771 and the receptionist will assist you. 
What Services Does the Career Development Specialist Provide?
  • Career counseling appointments
  • Customized career planning (holistic approach to student marketability at graduation-how do students set themselves apart from other students?)
  • Choosing a major/career path
  • Career assessment interpretation
  • Discover what students can do with their major
  • Discussion of interviewing strategies/mock interviewing & preparation 
  • Job/internship searching-targeted resources
  • Presentations and workshops specifically tailored for College of Science students
  • Networking opportunities with College of Science alumni including (Coffee & Conversation events and SCI 490 Course “Dean’s Leadership Forum”)
  • And more on the College of Science Careers Website

10 Ways to Stay Calm During Finals


MARCH 30, 2015-Saralaughed.com

Finals – every college student’s least favorite time of year.  You stop sleeping, you stop showering, and your social life completely flies out the window, right?  Wrong!  Actually, taking care of yourself and reducing stress during finals is one of the best ways to make sure you’ll do well – and get through the process one piece.  Stay calm during finals by…

10. Having an effective study strategy
You would not go into war without a battle plan, so do not go into finals without a study strategy.  Planning exactly what you are going to review and when is so helpful in keeping you accountable, making your study habits effective, and making sure you do not stress too much. 
9. Making “off” time – and letting “off” hours stay “off” hours
Just as important, as making time to study is making time to relax.  It has been proven that taking a break from working helps improve concentration and sustain energy.  You are at your best when you make time to have fun, spend time with friends, and live a balanced life.  Schedule some time every day to relax and take a mental break.  You will return to your work refreshed and better able to focus.
8. Sleeping enough
Sleep is so important.  While pulling an all-nighter may seem like the perfect way to finish a paper on time, skipping a night of sleep actually makes it harder to concentrate, multitask, and remember information.  In fact, sleep is known to consolidate memory – so skip the all-nighter and keep sleeping your normal hours.  It will help you feel calmer, remember more, and do better on your exams.
7. Laughing
During your “off” hours, try to spend some time with a few friends – and laugh!  Laughter boosts your endorphins and even curbs stress hormones, making it a great way to keep stress at bay when you need a break.
6. Not abusing caffeine
Drinking too much caffeine can lead to headaches, upset stomach, and increased anxiety – not what you want during finals season!  Instead of abusing your favorite caffeinated drinks to stay up late or focus, try for just one pick-me-up caffeinated drink throughout the day as a reward or incentive for hard work.

 5. Continuing self-care
Just like you deserve care every other day, you deserve care during finals season, which is one of the most stressful times of year!  When you are studying, take breaks to maintain self-care basics like showering, doing laundry, and even working out.  Doing these things will make finals season feel more like another phase of life, rather than a drop-everything study marathon.
4. Unplugging
Technology can be a great study aid, but it can also be a distraction and a stressors.  Unless you are using your phone as a study tool, turn it off during your study time.  Not seeing your social media, messages, and texts for a few hours will help you focus on your studies, and make you feel less like you’re missing out on “the real world” while you’re stuck in a library.
3. Taking a walk
One of the best ways to clear your mind is simple: take a walk.  Walking regularly can help you improve blood pressure, and get mood-boosting endorphins.  Occasionally when studying, take a short walk, breathe in some fresh air, and put exams out of your mind.  When you return to your work, you will be refreshed and better able to focus.
2. Breathing deeply
If things start feeling too hectic and you need to take a breather, do just that – breathe.  Deep breathing can reduce tension and anxiety during periods of stress.  There are plenty of websites and YouTube videos featuring guided meditation and deep breathing – just search “deep breathing exercises” online.
1. Keeping perspective
If you start to feel like it is all too much, try to adjust your perspective.  This is just a few days or weeks of your life.  Sure, finals are important – but they are not the most important thing you will ever do!  This, too, shall pass.
What Can I Do With A Major In EAPS?
EAPS Flyer What can I do with a Major in EAPS?

Summer of Learning
Learn Beyond the Classroom

Students Studying
  • Use your LBC reports when preparing for interviews or writing applications for internships, jobs, and graduate and professional schools.
  • Take advantage of the summer months to build your portfolio: job shadow, volunteer in your community, join a diversity organization, and get to know people who are different from yourself
  • Submit LBC reports on activities you completed during the school year.
  • If you have submitted a report, check and see if you have been asked to supply more information.  If you find that you have received “0” points on a report, click on your score and you will see what questions you have been asked to answer.  Resubmit your report with the required information so that your LBC points can be updated.
  • If you wish to apply for an LBC grant to support an LBC activity, complete our electronic application form here.
Not enrolled in Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC)?
Enroll today on our webpage! 

If you have questions, contact LBC at   lbc@purdue.edu
Thinking about studying abroad?
Explore Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Building at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Everywhere you turn there is something to see, do, and taste in the bustling multicultural capital city of Madrid. Eat at the world’s oldest restaurant, Sobrino de Botin, enjoy world-famous churros at the Chocolateria San Gines, and sample tapas all over the city. Walk through the meticulously groomed palace gardens, catch a flamenco show, or attend a world-class futbol match. And don’t leave without visiting el Parque del Buen Retiro, el Rastro, and the Golden Triangle of Art museums (the Prado, the Reina Sofia, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza). UC3M is located on the southern edge of Madrid and is made up of five campuses. Students have the opportunity to take classes in English while living alongside local students which allows for full immersion in Spanish culture. 

For more information about Universidad Carlos II de Madrid check out the this website.
WISPers learned from Lt. Sarah Clark of PUPD about self-defense tactics to implement in stressful or panic situations. Remember to walk confidently with your head up, maintain eye contact and stay alert in your surroundings. Constant practice of self-defense techniques will make movements automatic when necessary.
Need some help? Free Evening Tutoring is available
COSINE - Free Tutoring Program
COSINE (College of Science Instructional Nightly Enrichment) is a FREE tutoring program to help students succeed in first year science courses. COSINE offers evening tutoring right in your own backyard. Our goal is to help you develop problem-solving skills needed to do your homework. Please visit us in Shreve for assistance.

Shreve Hall
Room C113B
University Residences Support Center


Monday - Thursday 6:00-9:00pm January 17 - May 6

For optimal tutoring results, bring your text books and class notes.
WISP Tutoring
Need some assistance in classes, homework, concepts, formulas, etc?  Head on over to WIEP-WISP tutoring Sunday-Thursdays 7-10pm in the University Residences Support Center located in Shreve Hall C123.  Bring your books, calculator, homework, class notes, etc. Learn more on our website.
Campus Events
OUR Undergrad Research Seminar
April 25: Marketing Your Research Experience @ 4:30pm

Conducting research develops many skills and highlighting those skills, experiences, and results is key for leveraging the hard work you have put into your project when applying for additional research projects, internships, graduate programs, and/or jobs. Learn how to market yourself with a focus on your research experiences on your resume/CV, in your interviews, during networking events, and on your online profiles.

Register for this seminar
Celebrate Purdue's Thinkers, Creators & Experimenters

Info flyer for OUR: Celebrate Purdue's Thinkers, Creators & Experimenters Event
Consider Applying for a Fulbright: 2023-24 grant cycle starting now
Fulbright is a 9+ month post-bac program. The USA has partnered with 140+ nations to support 3 kinds of grants, the funds for these grants are split between the US Department of State and the Student’s Host Country. The first grant is the English Teaching Assistantship; grantees teach for roughly 20 hours a week, and the rest of their time is dedicated to cultural exchange. The second type of grant sponsors independent research projects completely customizable to the student experiences. The third and final type of grant can support students wishing to enroll in a master’s program from a university in another nation. Sometimes students are looking for a “gap-year” and Fulbright is the idea program as Fulbright is very well known across academia and acts as a career accelerator. Purdue students are competitive for this award and need to be encouraged to apply. The NISO office is available to help students with their Fulbright grant application. Make an appointment to speak with Michael Russell on Boilerconnect under Academic Success and Coaching / NISO / First Time Appointment / Michael.
Beyond Campus
JCPenney Suit-Up, Spring 2022 Event
Purdue JCPenney Suit-Up
A CCO Career Closet and JCPenney Partnership
Now – May 1, 2022

text BOILERS to 67292 to receive an individual coupon code
The ‘take an extra 30% off’ coupon is valid now through May 1, 2022

Plan ahead for graduation, summer jobs and internships, a wardrobe refresh, or even fall career fairs and virtual interviews

Shop online or in-store and order early!
  • The Purdue JCPenney Suit-Up online coupon is valid now through May 1, 2022. Plan ahead for graduation, summer jobs and internships, a wardrobe refresh, or even fall career fairs and virtual interviews by ordering early!
  • The JCPenney Suit-Up webpage has been embedded in the attached flyer to make it easy for Purdue students, faculty, staff and alumni to access from any format.  Simply click the word “here” and the page will pull up.  Additional communication is available using this website link: www.jcpenney.com/m/suit-up
  • JCP has set-up the event requiring a coupon to receive the discount.  Purdue has been assigned a unique coupon.  Purdue students, faculty, staff and alumni can use this coupon online or in-store, and must text BOILERS to 67292 to receive an individual coupon code. The system will kick back a notification if incorrect information is entered.
  • The ‘take an extra 30% off’ individual coupon can be used on select merchandise for a one-time purchase so make sure to have all the items you need in your shopping cart before checking out.
  • You may use your coupon anytime through May 1, 2022.
  • Enjoy shopping!

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Instructional & Non-Instructional Summer 2022 Employment

Calling all teaching assistants, teachers, and faculty looking for a fun, rewarding way to spend Summer 2022!

Johns Hopkins Center For Talented Youth (CTY) offers enriching summer opportunities for students and professionals interested in instructing or supporting very bright and engaged students in a challenging and nurturing academic community unlike any other.

We are looking for Teaching Assistants and Instructors for various Humanities, Science, Math, Computer Science and Writing courses! We have Day and Residential Sites (room & board provided at Residential Sites!). Site locations are listed on our website. We are also looking for several other positions (administrative, residential assistants, counselors, etc) to support these site locations! 

Please see the job posting here to learn more and apply!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at ctyrecruiting@jhu.edu.
Flexible—Paid Lab Tech Position Available
Job Description: In this role expect to perform routine analytical chemistry tests in an accurate and timely manner, be responsible for conducting routine quality control (QC) testing and record keeping in a safe and orderly manner, and conduct various wet chemical and instrumental analyses of samples for process control and final QC inspection. This position is designed to help individuals gain and develop valuable skills in a laboratory setting.

Shift Schedule: We are willing to accommodate various schedules, preference of part-time or full-time, and discuss hours of work. After training, please note Friday and Saturday will be mandatory days for the candidate’s schedule. Will operate on a 6-month contract with possibility for renewal.
Pay Rate: $19/hr
Education: The ideal candidate will have a two year science related degree and/or two years of lab experience. Qualified candidates should be familiar with operating standard lab equipment (i.e., pH meter, balances, extractions, GC, ICP, etc.). Position relies on instructions and pre-established procedures to perform the functions of the job.
Desired Skills and Experience:
  • Science background
  • Previous experience with the analytical testing
  • Familiar with GMP/GLP (Good Manufacturing/Laboratory Practices)
  • The willingness and ability to work a rotating shift including weekends and holidays
  • Actively participate in training efforts and safety initiatives
  • Attention to detail following procedures, proper analytical technique and computer entry
  • Communicate results, problems, and priorities to supervisor and production departments in a timely manner
  • Ability to use mathematics
  • Shows initiative to troubleshoot lab equipment
  • Flexibility in accepting change and an attitude of continuous improvement
  • Maintain proper housekeeping and cleanliness in all work area

Core Competencies:
  • Attention to detail
  • Commitment / Dependability / Ownership
  • Composure Under Pressure / Professionalism
  • Team Focus
  • Openness in Communicating / Listening
  • Results Orientation

To apply please email your resume/CV to Gabrielle.Buth@insyncstaffing.com  with
"Quality Control Technician - Frankfort, IN - ADM"  as the subject line
Careers at Fidelity
The Customer Relationship Advocate (CRA), Workplace Planning Associate (WPA), Financial Customer Associate and FT to PT Program opportunities are our primary entry level roles into Fidelity and the financial services industry. To Apply click on the job titles.

Customer Relationship Advocate

The CRA role is an integral part of a broader team that takes incoming calls from our customer base while addressing customer service issues. We are looking for candidates who wish to gain financial expertise while growing professionally. Our successful CRAs assist clients with a broad range of needs including answering questions about their account balances to guiding them to the appropriate resources. The goal remains consistent for all interactions: help customers feel more confident, make clearer decisions, and achieve their own financial dreams.

Workplace Planning Associate

As part of the Workplace Planning and Advice outbound and inbound call team, you will start your journey in our multi-stage development program to a career in planning and advice.  Engaging inactive and active 401(k) participants to introduce them to our services and guide them through all their available options. You'll connect with our clients to build effective relationships through calling and engaging warm leads as well as taking inbound calls.

Financial Customer Associate
A softer entry point into financial services. The Financial Customer Associates are the primary point of contact for customer queries regarding Defined Contribution retirement plans. They take personal responsibility for identifying customer needs, responding in a timely manner with tremendous accuracy while providing a high value experience. In Fidelity’s fast paced, inclusive culture, you will demonstrate unwavering dedication towards helping others become educated on options to improve their financial security. This is exceptionally fulfilling work when you are instilling customers with confidence to make financial decisions which will lead to achieving their fiscal dreams.

Full Time to Part time
Full Time Summer 2022 Role Converting to Part Time in Fall 2022

  • Rising Senior enrolled in a college or university of higher education graduating in December 2022 or May 2023
  • Seeking to work full-time beginning May 31, 2022 and then minimum of 20 hours per week beginning tentatively August 15, 2022.
Seeking rising senior who wants to gain knowledge about the financial services industry, participate in a superb training program, receive mentoring and earn their FINRA Series 7 & 63 license during Summer 2022! Then, when returning to school in the Fall, you could continue to work part-time at Fidelity Investments. We want individuals who enjoy helping others, are friendly, inventive and have an interest in beginning a career in financial services while continuing their academic studies in anticipation of graduation.  You will gain invaluable education about financial services and our approach to delivering outstanding customer service.