Welcome to the College of Science Student Success Scene, a bi-weekly newsletter featuring activities and opportunities especially relevant for science undergraduates. The Science Student Success team is comprised of Terry Ham, International Student Integration and Retention Specialist, Natasha Harris, Associate Director of Science Diversity, Danielle Sheese, Career Development and Retention Specialist, Laura Starr, Director for Experiential Learning and Student Success, and Connie Kaspar, Associate Director of Science Diversity. 
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Career Specialist
The CoS Career Specialist Is Available To Help You

Make an appointment through the Boiler Connect system by choosing the following
  • Care Unit: Career / Preprofessional Advising
  • Service: College of Science Career Specialist
  • Reason: Select from Choices
  • Location: CoS Career Services (Virtual)
  • Name: Danielle Sheese
Once an appointment is made a virtual meeting will be set-up.  If you have issues scheduling, please call 765-494-1771 and the receptionist will assist you. 
What Services Does the Career Development Specialist Provide?

  • Career counseling appointments
  • Customized career planning (holistic approach to student marketability at graduation-how do students set themselves apart from other students?)
  • Choosing a major/career path
  • Career assessment interpretation
  • Discover what students can do with their major
  • Discussion of interviewing strategies/mock interviewing & preparation 
  • Job/internship searching-targeted resources
  • Presentations and workshops specifically tailored for College of Science students
  • Networking opportunities with College of Science alumni including (Coffee & Conversation events and SCI 490 Course “Dean’s Leadership Forum”)
  • And more (including website-https://www.purdue.edu/science/careers) 

What Can I Do With A Major In EAPS?


What Can I Do With A Major In Computer Science?
What Can I Do With A Major In Data Science?
Thinking about studying abroad?
Explore The University of Western Australia
The University of Western Australia (UWA), Perth,  is the oldest and one of the most prestigious universities in Western Australia. Since its founding in 1911, UWA has become an institution of international stature, providing an environment for intellectual challenge and personal enrichment. The UWA campus is among the most beautiful in the country. In addition to its lovely gardens and architecture, the campus is the center of many intellectual and cultural activities.

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is the third largest city in Australia. Students find public transport facilities very efficient, which makes commuting by bus or train a viable option. Due to its Mediterranean-style climate, Perth is recognized as the sunniest capital city in Australia. In fact, the city averages eight hours of sunshine each day throughout the year. Residents enjoy warm, dry summers (December to February) and mild winters (June to August).

Build Your Portfolio
Learn Beyond the Classroom

  • Use your LBC reports when preparing for interviews or writing applications for internships, jobs, and graduate and professional schools.
  • There are many pursuits in which you can take part that are eligible for LBC points. Take a look at the tables that are on the CoS website (Click Here)  to determine whether what you want to do/have done fits the criteria.
  • If you have submitted a report, check and see if you have been asked to supply more information.  If you find that you have received “0” points on a report, click on your score and you will see what questions you have been asked to answer.  Resubmit your report with the required information so that your LBC points can be update.
  • If you wish to apply for an LBC grant to support an LBC activity, complete our electronic application form at: Click Here
Not enrolled in Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC)? Enroll today!
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If you have questions, contact LBC at 

WISP-WIEP Honors Tutors 
WISP-WIEP Honors Tutors are high-ability students earning 3.5+ cumulative GPA and have mastered entry level science and engineering courses and can serve role-models for women in our Residential Learning Communities.  Applicants should possess good communication skills, an interest in helping other students, a strong academic record, and the ability to be a contributing member of a team.  Tutors work three to five hours per week, Sunday through Thursday nights from 7 - 10 p.m. in the Shreve URSC as well as online.  Please apply at  WISP-WIEP Honors Tutor application by Thursday, 3/31/2022.
Have you completed the SERU?
All Purdue undergraduates are invited to take the SERU, but it is important we get a good sample from our college so the opinions of our students are accurately represented. When you are ready to begin, click the link here:  

The SERU is voluntary. You aren’t required to take it, or to complete it if you choose to begin. Your responses will always be confidential. Your name won’t be included in any reports or any shared data, and your relationship with Purdue University or any person or department in it won’t be affected. Please answer questions honestly. 

If you need assistance or if you have questions about the survey’s design, contact Purdue’s campus administrators at 

If you wish to talk with someone other than the researchers, you may contact Purdue’s Institutional Review Board. Please refer to the “2022 Undergraduate SERU Survey” under protocol IRB-2021-1885. The principal researchers are H. Anne Weiss and Andrew Zehner.
Need some help? Free Evening Tutoring is available
COSINE - Free Tutoring Program
COSINE (College of Science Instructional Nightly Enrichment) is a FREE tutoring program to help students succeed in first year science courses. COSINE offers evening tutoring right in your own backyard. Our goal is to help you develop problem-solving skills needed to do your homework. Please visit us in Shreve for assistance.

Shreve Hall
Room C113B
University Residences Support Center


Monday - Thursday 6:00-9:00pm January 17 - May 6

For optimal tutoring results, bring your text books and class notes.
WISP Tutoring
Need some assistance in classes, homework, concepts, formulas, etc?  Head on over to WIEP-WISP tutoring Sunday-Thursdays 7-10pm in the University Residences Support Center located in Shreve Hall C123.  Bring your books, calculator, homework, class notes, etc. Learn more by clicking HERE!
Campus Events
The University’s Institutional Data Analytics and Assessment office currently has openings for Data Analyst positions
The Institutional Data Analytics + Assessment office works with partners to transform institutional data into a rich body of strategic intelligence that is accessible, well-defined, and useful to decision-makers at all levels of the organization. We promote a culture of assessment, providing the basis for continuous improvement throughout the institution.

Check out our employment website here.
DURI Summer 2022: Now Accepting
Student Applications 

Discovery Park has posted new research projects for the Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship’s summer 2022 session. Undergraduates can see the current list of DURI projects and apply for the summer session at the DURI website.

The student application deadline is March 24.
Faculty project supervisors will review all eligible student applications before making final selections. Students will be notified of their acceptance after that date -- ideally, by April 8.

During the summer, student teams will be responsible for pursuing their research projects, culminating with a poster presentation and one-page abstract/summary of their results. Assuming all requirements are met, each participating student will earn a $4,500 summer term scholarship from the DURI program.

The DURI program provides opportunities for undergraduate students to work with researchers on cutting-edge research on challenges in the areas of global security, health, and sustainability. In these projects, solutions will be researched by combining faculty and students with two or more distinct disciplinary strengths.

For more information, email 

OUR - Office of Undergraduate Research


The Pitch Competition will highlight ten students involved in a research or creative endeavor in any major and discipline. The presented projects could be an independent project or when working with a research mentor.

March 24, 2022 from 7-10pm
Fowler Hall and Live streamed

The Pitch Competition is co-hosted by the Undergraduate Research Society of Purdue and the OUR.


The Undergraduate Research Seminar Series

Monday, March 28 at 4:30 PM - Creating and Presenting a Research Poster
Novice and expert poster designers are invited to learn best practices in anticipation of the Spring Undergraduate Research Conference. Those who plan to present either in-person or virtually are encouraged to attend. This session is duplicated on March 29 at 1:30pm.
Register for this seminar

Monday, March 29 at 1:30 PM - Creating and Presenting a Research Poster
(Duplicate presentation from March 28) Novice and expert poster designers are invited to learn best practices in anticipation of the Spring Undergraduate Research Conference. Those who plan to present either in-person or virtually are encouraged to attend. Register for this seminar.

Thursday, March 31 at 4:30 pm - Poster Work Day
Want to get feedback on your presentation for the Spring Undergraduate Research Conference? This can also be useful for individuals who will present at conference outside of the Purdue spring conference. This is a come-and-go style seminar if you only need certain questions answered. Register for this work day seminar.

Monday, April 4 at 4:30 PM - Creating and Presenting a Research Talk/Oral Presentation
Novice and expert research talk presenters are invited to learn best practices in anticipation of the Spring Undergraduate Research Conference. Those who plan to present in-[person or virtually are encourage to attend. Register for this seminar.
Steps to Leaps and Diversity Inclusion
Presentation 2: A Continuing Conversation - Discussion and Dialogue for Everyone
Friday, April 8, 2022 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
In this second part of a two part partnership series between Steps to Leaps and Diversity and Inclusion, Christopher Munt will be joined by colleagues across campus to continue the conversation about Diversity and Inclusion at Purdue. Come with your questions and comments to advance the conversation about how me can help make the Purdue community one of diversity and inclusion. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to join us to be part of the conversation while also seeing the ways that Steps to Leaps and Diversity and Inclusion weaves together.

Click here to RSVP (Not Required)

Click here to access the presentation
IEGSO and PGSG Student Organizations
Student Career Fair
Now open to all degree levels and all majors!

IEGSO and PGSG student organizations are organizing Graduate Student Career fair(Open to undergraduates of all Majors) on March 25th from 10AM to 5PM.

Registration Open Now on CareerFair Plus Click Here
Zoom link for Company Info. Sessions on March 24th from 4PM to 9PM: Click Here
Experiential Education Scholarship
The Office of ExEd has developed a new scholarship opportunity for students participating in experiential education!

Student must be participating in an experiential education opportunity offered by Purdue University. Experiential education is defined as a planned pedagogy centering on an authentic experience to strengthen students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities, paired with student reflection. Common examples of experiential education include internships/co-ops, clinical placements and other field-based experiences, service-learning, projects with community/industry partners, study away/abroad, and undergraduate research.

To qualify, students must be a Purdue West Lafayette undergraduate or Pharm D student, in good academic standing, enrolled full-time or part-time, and meet the financial aid citizenship requirements. Scholarships can be awarded in amounts of up to $2000. The amount awarded may vary depending on the type of experiential education opportunity and expenses related to the experience.

Scholarships are merit-based, and these funds are intended to supplement other scholarship funds or a student’s own personal funds. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. To qualify, applications must be submitted by the appropriate due date as listed below:

  • For summer funds, applications are due by April 15
  • For fall funds, applications are due by June 1
  • For spring funds, applications are due by November 1
More details about the scholarship and a link to the application can be found on the Office of Experiential Education website.
Beyond Campus
Free Professional Development hosted by ACPA CGDSD "International Colloquium"
ACPA CGDSD is hosting their annual International Colloquium and the theme for this year is "Reimagining Social Justice in the International Community: Intersectionality Beyond Intersecting Identities". It is a 4 part session that is virtual and free for all to attend, and if you attend 3 out of 4 sessions offered, you will receive a digital Certificate of Completion offered by ACPA Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development.

The link to sign up : 2022 ACPA CGDSD Colloquium Registration  ; you only need to register once to gain access to all 4 sessions. You will receive the Zoom link 2 hours before each webinar goes live.

for more information on each session and the guest speakers, you can click on the link here International Colloquium 2022 Information at a Glance