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Dennis Lin named head of statistics department at Purdue University
Purdue University's College of Science has named Dennis K.J. Lin to lead its department of statistics.

Irena Swanson named head of mathematics department at Purdue University
Purdue University's College of Science has named Irena Swanson to lead its department of mathematics.

Donatella Danielli selected as a Fellow of the AWM
Donatella Danielli has been selected for the 2020 class of Fellows of the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) sustained commitment to the support and advancement of women in the mathematical sciences.

Purdue’s Scientific Glass Blowing Lab offers unique services
Jordan Smith is Purdue's scientific glassblower. His jobs range from repairing glass to fabricating lab equipment to customizing gifts. The lab provides its services for the Purdue campus and region.

Profs. Bernal and Lin Named 2020 Dean's Fellows
Ximena Bernal, Associate Professor of Biological Studies and Guang Lin, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering have been named 2019-20 Dean’s Fellows in the College of Science.

Enzyme trigger that tells cells to move characterized for the first time
"Our structural data will allow the development of models for these proteins and their interactions, which could eventually lead to new therapies," Tesmer said.

Purdue’s data science initiative featured in video
Purdue’s campus-wide data science initiative was created to enhance students’ skills in the growing field of data analysis. The story of the data initiative is featured in a four-minute video.

Tesmer, Kadlubowski earn nationally prestigious Goldwater Scholarships
Two students in the College of Science have earned the Goldwater Scholarship, the nation’s preeminent scholarship for undergraduates in mathematics, natural sciences or engineering.

Transforming biology to design next-generation computers, using a surprise ingredient
Purdue researchers in the Claridge Research Group have developed surfaces that act as molecular-scale blueprints for unpacking and aligning nanoscale components for next-generation computers. The secret ingredient? Water.

New Computer Science head
Professor Dongyan Xu has been named the next head of the Department of Computer Science at Purdue University. He begins his position Sept. 1.

New Associate Deans
Two faculty members from the College of Science have accepted associate dean positions within the college, effective July 1.

Remembering Michael Rossmann
Michael Rossmann, Hanley Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences, died May 14 in West Lafayette, Indiana. He was 88. A giant in the field of structural biology, came to Purdue in 1964 and stayed nearly 55 years. He was a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society of London. We mourn his loss even as we celebrate his legacy and life well-lived.

Chris Greene elected to National Academy of Sciences
The Albert Overhauser Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy is one of only six NAS members on the Purdue campus.

Two Science professors receive Fulbright U.S. Scholars awards
Two College of Science professors receive Fulbright U.S. Scholars awards

Purdue Promise a life-changer for biological sciences student
Growing up, Eryn Sale experienced firsthand how mental illness can affect a family.

Piece of Mars meteorite returns to Purdue
A segment of the Lafayette Meteorite that once resided at Purdue, but was on display at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago for decades, will return officially to Purdue on Thursday (April 25) during a Giant Leaps Sesquicentennial event.

Bertino Named 2019-2020 Athena Lecturer by ACM
Elisa Bertino, Samuel Conte Professor of Computer Science, has been named the 2019-2020 Athena Lecturer by the Association of Computing Machinery

New hurdle cleared in race toward quantum computing
Results show that, potentially for the first time, researchers have witnessed the quantum mechanical interference of quasiparticles.

Gene linked to higher risk of Tourette Syndrome
Researchers, including Peristera Paschou, associate professor of biological sciences, found a genetic variant on chromosome 13.

College of Science welcomes new department heads from Johns Hopkins and MIT
Senior scientists from Johns Hopkins and MIT will provide departmental leadership for Biology and EAPS beginning March 1, 2019.

Tornado fatalities continue to fall, despite population growth in Tornado Alley
Purdue professor Ernest Agee credits the decline in fatalities to better understanding of tornadoes and technology to warn people of storms.

Purdue dives deeper into potentially game-changing field of quantum science and engineering
Purdue has formed a new Quantum Science and Engineering Institute was formed to coordinate university-wide activities in the pivotal field.

Drug compound could be next-generation treatment for aggressive form of leukemia
Researchers are developing a series of drug compounds that show promise in treating acute myeloid leukemia (AML), an aggressive blood cancer.

$1M award from Keck Foundation supports quantum matter, string theory research at Purdue
A team of Purdue University researchers has been awarded a $1 million W.M. Keck Foundation grant to experimentally test an early prediction originated from string theory.

Purdue students win global competition, $100,000 prize
Actuarial science students Jiaxin Yu and Dongyu Dai won the international Global Insurance Product Innovation Contest.

Three faculty honored with College of Science 2019 Research Awards
The 2019 recipients of the annual College of Science Research Awards are Professor of Biological Sciences Donna Fekete, Professor of Mathematics Zhiqiang Cai, and Professor of Physics and Astronomy Leonid Rokhinson.

High-temperature electronics? That’s hot
From iPhones on Earth to rovers on Mars, most electronics only function within a certain temperature range. By blending two organic materials together, researchers at Purdue University could create electronics that withstand extreme heat.

Meet outstanding members of the College of Science class of '18
Get to know some of our top 2018 graduates!

Parasite infections with multiple strains are more harmful to vertebrate hosts
The incredible amount of genetic diversity in parasites means humans are often infected with multiple strains, which could make infections worse and increase the prevalence of the parasite over time, according to research by Professor of Biological Sciences Dennis Minchella.

Reconstruction of past climate provides clues about future climate change
“Our results support the idea that polar amplification saturates out at some point in warm climates and does not continue to increase with further warming,” said Matthew Huber, a professor of earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences at Purdue University.

Largest ice sheet on Earth was stable throughout last warm period
New research published in Nature shows that land-based sectors of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet were mostly stable throughout the Pliocene period, when carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere were close to what they are today.

Most accurate picture of Zika yet creates potential for therapeutics
“This is the most accurate picture we have of the virus so far,” said Michael Rossmann, the Hanley Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences at Purdue.

Oysters: One animal, two glues
Jonathan Wilker, professor of chemistry in the College of Science, has discovered that oysters secrete two very different adhesives.

Purdue team receives NIH grant to create virtual reality training solutions for cryo-EM
Wen Jiang, professor of biological sciences and director of the Purdue Cryo-EM Facility is collaborating with other Purdue researchers to build an educational virtual reality environment for cryo-electron microscopy.

Astronaut Feustel speaks live from International Space Station as he receives honorary doctorate from Purdue
Purdue University connected live to the International Space Station to award NASA astronaut and College of Science alumnus Andrew J. “Drew” Feustel an honorary doctorate during its spring 2018 commencement ceremonies.

Astronaut Feustel to receive honorary degree, speak live from International Space Station during Purdue commencement
Purdue University will connect live to the International Space Station to award NASA astronaut and EAPS alumnus “Drew” Feustel an honorary doctorate during the College of Science spring commencement ceremonies at 7:20 p.m., Friday, May 11.

College of Science Raises $791,000 on Purdue Day of Giving
The College of Science is thankful for and grateful to its donors for a remarkable Purdue Day of Giving, which brought in 450 gifts totaling $791,000.

Purdue University launches robust, collaborative ‘Integrative Data Science Initiative’
Sunil Prabhakar, professor and head of the computer science department, has been appointed director of the IDSI, a “data science for all” initiative that will make data science education part of every student’s learning experience on campus.

William Mbongo named Fulbright Scholar
William Mbongo, a biology senior who studies biochemistry in Chemistry Professor Angeline Lyon’s research group, has been named a 2018-2019 Fulbright Scholar.

Purdue Pugwash conference to focus on climate and society
The 2018 Purdue Student Pugwash Midwest Regional Conference will examine the social and ethical dimensions relating to climate change and society.

Repeat spawning comes with tradeoffs for trout
Biological Sciences Professor Mark Christie's discovery that repeat spawning in steelhead trout could extend life span was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Professor Lipton honored with 2018 Murphy Award for undergraduate teaching
Professor Mark Lipton, associate professor in the Department of Chemistry, is the 2018 recipient of the Murphy Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching.

Professor Chang honored with 2018 Murphy Award for undergraduate teaching
Professor Henry Chang, assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, is the 2018 recipient of the Murphy Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching.

31 Purdue women researchers featured for Women's History Month
Several College of Science women researchers and their impressive work are featured in social media across Purdue this month.

Public invited to viewing party for astronaut Drew Feustel's space launch
The viewing party for Purdue alumnus Andrew (Drew) Feustel's launch to the International Space Station will start at 12:30 p.m. on March 21 in Lawson Commons.

Researchers validate several fluctuation theorems for first time
The first experimental tests of several fundamental theorems in thermodynamics provide a better understanding of how nanoparticles behave under fluctuation.

Atomically thin building blocks could make optoelectrical devices more efficient
New heterostructures could make optoelectrical devices, such as solar panels and sensors, more efficient.

Three faculty honored with College of Science 2018 Research Awards
The 2018 recipients of the annual College of Science Research Awards are Professor of Physical Chemistry Dor Ben-Amotz, Professor of Computer Science Ananth Grama, and Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy Rafael Lang.

MicroRNA could help treat cancer and asthma
Professor Qing Deng discovered a microRNA that shows promise as a treatment for inflammatory diseases such as asthma and cancer.

Erica Carlson named 150th Anniversary Professor
The 150th Anniversary Professorships honor master teachers who have dedicated their careers to excellence in teaching and mentorship.

Christine Hrycyna named 150th Anniversary Professor
The 150th Anniversary Professorships honor master teachers who have dedicated their careers to excellence in teaching and mentorship.

Purdue professor receives grants to improve gene therapy for cancer
Professor of Biology Andrea Kasinski's microRNA therapeutics research, funded by the NIH and the American Cancer Society, brings us closer to finding effective cancer treatments.

College of Science plans new lab teaching facility
Creating the best lab spaces for students is what it's all about. The Purdue Exponent interviews Dean Wolfe about plans for the new STEM teaching building.

Freezing electrons makes them get in line
This amazing accidental discovery from Purdue Physics and Astronomy Professor Michael Manfra and his team will help us understand how electrons interact in controlled environments.

Research shows ice sheets as large as Greenland’s melted fast in a warming climate
Research published in Science from Professor of Physics Marc Caffee and Purdue's PRIME Lab shows how large ice sheets can melt quickly in warming climates.

Purdue begins plans for landmark new science teaching lab facility
Science education at Purdue is poised to take an important step forward with the announcement of plans to build what would be the first new facility dedicated to teaching labs constructed on campus in nearly 50 years.

We should use central pressure deficit, not wind speed, to predict hurricane damage
Professor of Atmospheric Science Dan Chavas has discovered a more accurate way to classify hurricanes and to predict the damage they'll do.

EAPS to purchase new weather radar
Professor Robin Tanamachi is bringing X-band weather radar technology to the "radome" on the roof of Wang Hall, filling a lower atmospheric observation gap and bringing more accurate weather forecasts.

Lectures set to celebrate Purdue’s most prestigious research awards
Two College of Science faculty members are among the three Purdue faculty giving distinguished research lectures Monday Oct. 30.

Purdue professor receives grant to study fragile X syndrome
There’s new hope for understanding the impaired visual learning of those affected by Fragile X syndrome—a common form of autism. Professor Chubykin is examining neurocircuits that effect responses to visual stimuli.

Urban heat and cool island effects controlled by agriculture and irrigation
This fascinating study of 89 cities in India by Professor Mathew Huber and his team shows how agriculture and irrigation can cool temperatures.

Technology that led to the recent Nobel Prize was critical in Purdue’s study of the Zika virus structure
Purdue University researchers Michael Rossmann and Richard Kuhn have been at the forefront of discovery with the help of a technology that recently led to a Nobel Prize in chemistry for three scientists.

Ancient asteroid impact exposes the moon’s interior
Scientists have long assumed that all the planets in our solar system look the same beneath the surface, but a study published in Geology on Oct. 4 tells a different story.

Elsenbaumer named as chancellor of Purdue's Fort Wayne campus
Purdue College of Science alumnus Ronald Elsenbaumer has been named the next chancellor of Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, effective Nov. 1.

Big Ten+ Graduate School Exposition
At the graduate school fair, you'll have the opportunity to talk to faculty, graduate students, and staff from some of the nation's premier institutions.

Statistics and mathematics senior Peter Boyd selected as Purdue’s Ross Award winner, honored at spring commencement
Purdue continues to add promising Science alumni to its ranks. Science's Peter Boyd received the G.A. Ross Award and was the student responder at the College of Science spring commencement.

Data science leader tapped as dean of Purdue College of Science
A data science leader and Royal Society Research Fellow from University College London has been chosen as the next Frederick L. Hovde Dean of the College of Science at Purdue University.

2017 Bruce Helfert Memorial Award Winner
This award is given to an outstanding junior in the College of Science or College of Engineering who demonstrates both academic excellence and social concern.

Purdue Science rakes in $1.4M+ during Purdue Day of Giving
Much of the money culled from 400 separate gifts will be used for scholarships across the college.

Purdue Science welcomes seven new Distinguished Science Alumni
These researchers, academics and industry leaders represent all seven departments

Science undergrads shine during Research Poster Symposium
Event includes three Purdue Science siblings among the 300 young researchers.

Commitment to public service earns Statistics junior prestigious Truman Scholarship
Mikaela Meyer's excellent academic record and passion for public policy made her a clear choice to be Purdue's first Truman Scholarship recipient.

Computer Science sophomore finds success in FroYo
Aarti Panda is on a team that has raked in $11,500 in funding for the FroYo Xpress concept, a stand-alone kiosk that dispenses the healthy treat.

Purdue Science trio wins $100K in ESPN game show, 'Bracket Genius'
Purdue Science juniors took the top prize after defeating four teams in rapid-fire trivia questions that were aired on ESPN 2.

Purdue chemist receives prestigious Humboldt Research Award
Purdue’s M.G. Mellon Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, received the Humboldt Research Award for his work in physical chemistry and molecular spectroscopy.

Science faculty win Purdue’s top research and teaching awards
The awards are the most prestigious the University bestows in pure and applied science and engineering, and in the natural sciences, respectively. The University’s third top research honor is the Research and Scholarship Distinction Award, bestowed for contributions in the humanities and social sciences.

Math Alliance, ran by Purdue Mathematics, wins national diversity award
The American Mathematical Society recognizes Math Alliance's work with underrepresented minorities by giving the program the 2017 Mathematics Programs that Make a Difference Award.

Science professors earn top Purdue teaching awards
Physics and Astronomy professor Erica Carlson won a Murphy Award while Biological Sciences professor Stephanie Gardner took home an Exceptional Early Career Award.

Math help room multiplies
Renovations combine two rooms for more efficient help in calculus, trigonometry and algebra.

Hundreds of hackers embark on great BoilerMake expedition
With a NASA theme in place, BoilerMake IV saw impressive hacks in the form of fresh code, programs, apps, websites and games.

'Hidden Figures' author to speak, honor MLK's memory at Purdue
Margot Lee Shetterly, author of the book that inspired the new, hit movie "Hidden Figures" will speak at Loeb Playhouse for Purdue's Martin Luther King Jr. celebration and commemoration.

Cryptography leader to speak at Conte Lecture
Manuel Blum, the Bruce Nelson University Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, is a pioneer in the field of theoretical computer science and the winner of the 1995 Turing Award in recognition of his contributions to the foundations of computational complexity theory and its applications to cryptography and program checking, a mathematical approach to writing programs that check their work.

Several Science faculty members receive national honors
The professors received fellowships from the American Association for the Advancement of Science for their efforts toward science applications that are deemed distinguished.

Rossmann earns two prestigious awards for world-changing research
The international awards come in the fields of microbiology and biophysics.

CS Prof. Jennifer Neville reveals the future of artificial intelligence
Neville's return to the Dawn or Doom tech conference and symposium was a highlight of the two-day event.

Science students excel in summer research
Two undergraduates and a graduate student earned awards for their strong work in the 2016 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program.

Mathematics undergraduates gain intensive research experience during summer
The Purdue Research in Mathematics Experience drew eight students from as far as New York, California and Florida to join their Purdue counterparts for research projects.

PRIME lab installs two 13-ton magnets for faster, more accurate results
The massive magnets were purchased from the University of Minnesota and will be installed into Purdue's underground rare isotope measurement facility.

Purdue physics professor leads research efforts at CERN
Physics professor Andreas Jung has exciting news to report from the world's largest particle accelerator.

Science alumni and Navy veterans reunite after 40 years
The College of Science alumni were part of the Navy Enlisted Science Education Program and have many, many stories to share.

Meet outstanding members of the College of Science class of '17
Get to know some of our top 2017 graduates!

Mathematics student wins top Purdue female senior award
Dana Ward balanced two majors, two minors and multiple organizations to win the 2016 Flora Roberts Award.

Bio junior wins Goldwater Scholarship
Shovik Bandyopadhyay is a 2016 winner of the scholarship awarded to students pursuing research and a career in science, mathematics or engineering.

Famed theoretical physicist proves 'Math Is Key' in finding gravitational waves
Dr. S. James Gates, distinguished professor of physics at University of Maryland and National Medal of Science winner, was the keynote speaker at the annual Department of Mathematics "Math Is Key" event.

Director of the Center for String and Particle Theory to prove why 'Math Is Key'
University of Maryland physics Prof. S. James Gates Jr. will speak on the hot topic of gravitational waves

Two College of Science professors represent Purdue in 2016 Sloan Research Fellowships
Computer Science Prof. David Gleich and Chemistry Prof. Christopher Uyeda each receive $55,000 with their fellowships to put into their research.

Couple has had Chemistry for 60 years
Wendell and Marcia Dilling's love and careers grew while in the Department of Chemistry.

Bio alum, Nobel Peace Prize recipient revisits Purdue, gives talk
During a successful career at Monsanto, Dr. Will Carpenter led the science team of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which destroyed 80 percent of the world's chemical weapons

Bio senior mixed research, study abroad for full Science experience
Samantha Dawson will represent 210 December 2015 Science graduates at commencement

Young mathematicians flex numerous muscles at Purdue Math Field Day
The annual event saw 60 area eighth graders compete in several timed, hands-on math and statistics problems.

BoilerMake 2015 draws record number of hackers
The third annual Purdue hackathon saw 600 programmers from 13 universities create hardware, software, apps and websites in 36 hours.

Meet outstanding members of the College of Science class of '15
Click on the images to hear advice from these outstanding young alumni.

Bio faculty represent at 'Pillars of Excellence in the Life Sciences'
New initiatives in Biological Sciences revealed at the July 30 event

College of Science hosts, succeeds in undergraduate poster symposium
Almost 200 research projects from eight different colleges were judged at the event.

College of Science receives more than $358K at Purdue Day of Giving 2015
The money, which came from 277 gifts, will be spread to departments and diversity initiatives.

Purdue Analytical Chemistry Prof. Cooks elected into NAS
Dr. Graham Cooks' decades of analytical chemistry and mass spectrometry research made him worthy of induction into the National Academy of Sciences.

EAPS news: Harbor honored and new faculty announced
Prof. Jonathan Harbor receives honorary doctorate from Stockholm University while his department announces three new, young faculty members.

Bio soph to showcase research on Capitol Hill
Nicole Biddinger's research dates back to high school and she will be among 100 undergraduates from around the nation displaying her work at the annual "Posters on the Hill" conference.

Mussmann wins coveted Ross Award for outstanding Purdue senior
For the second year in a row, a College of Science student wins the award for "outstanding senior man in honor of his contributions to Purdue University."

Mathematics parties for 'Pi Day of the century'
At 9:26:53 a.m./p..m. March 14, 2015, mathematicians everywhere will celebrate the Pi Day of the century. The date and time corresponds with pi's digits: 3.141592653.

Purdue Global Science Partners go Bollywood
Science students learn about Indian before trying their feet at high-energy Bollywood dance steps

Middle school students show math prowess in MathCOUNTS competition at Purdue
The best mathletes from ten schools competed for the chance to go to the state competition in March.

Happy New Year!

Saturday Morning Astrophysics reaches out to middle and high school students
The new program created by Purdue Department of Physics and Astronomy Outreach debuted Jan. 10.

Season's greetings from Dean Jeff Roberts

Melosh gives impactful McCoy Distinguished Lecture
Dr. Jay Melosh, professor of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences and Physics and Astronomy and a 2014 McCoy Award winner, delivered a fascinating lecture on the history and theories behind planetary and lunar impacts.

Math Field Day engages junior high students with hands-on problems, competition
More than 60 eighth graders flexed their math muscles in eight different math exercises.

2015 College of Science Graduate Student International Travel Awards

'Opportunities and Challenges of Shale Gas Development'
Purdue University joint Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences/Physics and Astronomy colloquia and S. Thomas Crough Memorial Lecture

Professors strut their stuff in first College of Science Professor Pageant
Faculty members answered questions, pitched research and impressed during the talent portion before Statistics Prof. Mark Ward took home the crown.

Purdue Chemistry alumnus Ralph Tekel remembered for groundbreaking work, teaching
Before Dr. Tekel earned his PhD from Purdue in 1949, some of his research on fluorocarbons was used without his consent in the Manhattan Project.

Global Science Partners have Halloween fun while doing community outreach
The mix of freshmen and upper-class students and international and domestics volunteered at the Lafayette YMCA to hand out candy and lead spooky games for kids.

BoilerMake returns with more programmers and more innovation
The 36-hour hackathon drew 500 programmers from the U.S. and Canada.

Congratulations to the 2014 Outstanding Alumni
Fourteen College of Science alumni were inducted Oct. 10

Purdue Science Student Council celebrates National Science Week
College of Science students ring in Science Week with lectures, Jeopardy!, and frozen fruit kabobs made with -367 degree Celsius liquid nitrogen.

CS/Stat Prof. Neville talks machine learning's role in tech boom at 'Dawn or Doom' symposium
Jennifer Neville's "Are We Too Smart for Our Own Good?" talk helped get unique symposium underway.

Stanford professor's secret to "How to Be Successful" highlights annual Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecture
Stanford Prof. Richard N. Zare will speak at 1:30 p.m. Oct. 20 at Fowler Hall.

Wetherill Commons gives historic lab new look
The sound entrance and area near Wetherill lecture hall 200 has been revamped with new study areas, a huge metal sculpture of a caffeine molecule and Catalyst Cafe, which serves up coffee, doughnuts and more.

Math alumnus tapped as closing speaker at International Congress of Mathematicians
Purdue Mathematics Alumnus Yitang Zhang (PhD, 1991) delivered the final address of the Congress to report on his ground-breaking work in number theory. His breakthrough concerns what's known as the Twin Prime Conjecture. A Twin Prime is a prime number, p, so that p+2 is also a prime number.

Bio announces Fall 2014 seminar schedule
The Department of Biological Sciences will bring in expert researchers from across the country – along with some from Purdue -- during weekly seminars during the fall semester.

Purdue Chemistry represents well at 2014 ACS Awards
American Chemical Society honors three Purdue Chemistry faculty and an alumnus

Alumni Day looks at Indiana's history
Alumni, family and friends enjoyed history and College of Science fellowship at the Indiana State Museum

ScienceScape sends 40 kids on a 'Mission to Mars'
The annual summer camp immersed the middle schoolers in science for a week with a variety of experiments, lab work and exploration on campus.

Science Express brings new technology, techniques to Lafayette teachers, students
College of Science Outreach staff spent the first two weeks of June at Jefferson High School in Lafayette preparing teachers for iPad lessons and new lab equipment.

2014 College of Science Graduate Student International Travel Awards

Bio student creates a 'Capitol' research poster
Katie Reinhart's research on parasites known as schistosomes earned her a spot in the Posters on the Hill event in Washington, D.C.

Global Science Partners get 'Amazing'
College of Science students' take on "Amazing Race" promoted international culture.

College of Science has busy Spring Fest
A tent full of experiments and a lobby full of sea creatures scored well for hundreds in attendance at the annual Purdue event.

'Our Astronaut' impresses students with stories about space
Dr. Drew Feustel answered questions during an informal talk with students about his shuttle missions, his previous career before NASA and his time in the College of Science

Get coffee with astronaut and CoS alum Andrew Feustel
CoS alumnus and NASA astronaut Andrew Feustel returns to campus to meet with students before the big "Our Astronauts" event

Mathematical Statistics senior wins coveted G.A. Ross Award
Austin Childs takes home award that goes to one graduating senior man for academic and community service work

Chemistry student one of four Purdue Goldwater Scholarship recipients
Nicholas Pogranichniy's strong research work with lasers and crystals helped him win the $7,500 scholarship

Jandos Scholarship helps outstanding female College of Science students
The unexpected scholarship has given $5,000 a year to almost 100 undergraduates since 2009.

Hack. Pass out. Wake up. Hack some more.
Organized by numerous students, BoilerMake, a 36-hour computer hackathon, was a smash success in its February debut

Panel discussion explored diversity in grant writing
The Purdue College of Science hosted a panel discussion Jan. 28 focusing on the aspects of diversity in writing successful grants.

New grants of almost $500K to extend Science Outreach
Math Science Partnership and Improving Teacher Quality grants will reach high school and middle school students up and down Indiana.

MATHCOUNTS to draw almost 100 Hoosier 'mathletes'
Winners will go on to compete nationally.

Purdue Hackers are innovators, not 'crackers'
New student organization aims to reclaim the term "hack" for its original, positive meaning of creating new programs, apps and code from scratch.

New grads brave cold, look to warm future careers
The College of Science graduated 167 students at the Fall Commencement on Dec. 15

Purdue Global Science Partners dance away Dead Week blues
College of Science students from different cultures find common ground through dance.

Math Field Day brings in almost 100 competitive middle school students for annual numbers battle
The students were divided into gold and black teams before mastering the games 20 minutes at a time before. The mini math maestros then moved on to the next game.

Thank you from the dean
College of Science Dean says "thank you" to donors, alumni and friends.

Prof. Theodor Hänsch talks "Passion for Precision" at 2013 Hubert M James Memorial Lecture
Dr. Theodor W. Hänsch, professor at Max-Planck Institute of Quantum Optics at Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, Germany, presented his lecture “Passion for Precision” in front of more than 100 Physics faculty and students.

Purdue Global Science Partners do Halloween
Fifteen members of the Global Science Partners organization within the College of Science paid a spooky visit to Cambridge Estates in Lafayette during the apartment and townhouse complex's annual Halloween bash aimed for kids.

Purdue Science Week's final event goes wild
The Purdue Science Week came to a slimy, feathery and quill-full conclusion Oct. 18. After a week of lectures, documentary screenings and trivia nights, Science Week got a visit from some of the stars of the Columbian Park Zoo.

College of Science welcomes 16 new Outstanding Alumni
On Oct. 11, 16 new members of the College of Science Outstanding Alumni were added to the ranks during a reception held at Lawson Computer Science Building.

Purdue women computer scientists “Think Big” at 2013 Grace Hopper Conference
Grace Hopper Conference (GHC), the largest technical conference for women in computing, hosted more than 4000 attendees at the sold-out symposium.

Hubert M James Memorial Lecture, "Passion for Precision"
Some of the most fundamental insights in physics have been gained by very precise measurements.

Purdue Chemistry Show uses slime, flames to promote polymers
Science, slime, flames and fun wrapped up another Purdue Chemistry Show well.

Purdue computer scientists slice a big win with SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award
Two faculty members and one graduate student in the Department of Computer Science edged out more than 300 other entries to be recognized by the Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Software Engineering (SIGSOFT) for the Distinguished Paper Award.

Arxan Technologies announces major investment from TA Associates, leading global equity firm
Arxan, an application security company specializing in software protection, was recently sold to TA Associates, one of the largest private equity firms.

Alumni reconnect, reminisce during homecoming weekend
While the football Boilermakers were on the losing end at the game, a football field’s amount of reconnecting and Purdue pride gushed forth throughout the weekend.

Chem Prof. Graham Cooks accepts 2013 Dreyfus Prize in Chemical Sciences
In front of a packed Fowler Hall, Dr. Graham Cooks, the Henry B. Hass Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, accepted the 2013 Dreyfus Prize in the Chemical Sciences for his 40-plus years of work in the Department of Chemistry and in the field of mass spectrometry.

Purdue Hacker teams win top prizes at the worlds largest collegiate hack-a-thon
The Purdue Hackers Club sent 72 students to University of Michigan to compete in MHacks, the world’s largest collegiate hack-a-thon.

Corporate Partners Meetings and Computer Science Career Fair Bring Employers, Students Together
Nearly 500 students from the Department of Computer Science attended the annual Computer Science Career Fair held at the newly renovated Mackey Arena.

Math, Stat and Actuary edition of Coffee & Conversation equals student/professional networking
More than 40 Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science students were able to meet with Purdue Science alumni and other professionals in their fields in a relaxed setting over coffee.

Forum introduces Center for Drug Discovery mission, CS growth
During his first public forum of the 2013-14 academic year, Purdue President Mitch Daniels announced that the Department of Computer Science will grow by 27 percent while Chemistry Prof. Phil Low introduced the mission of the upcoming Center for Drug Discovery to Purdue leaders.

CS Prof. Spafford named as final selectee for National Cyber Security Hall of Fame
Computer Science Prof. Eugene Spafford will receive one of the top honors in his field when he is elected to the National Cyber Security Hall of Fame. Spafford is among five cyber security pioneers who will be enshrined in the hall of fame on Oct. 9 at a gala banquet in Baltimore.

College of Science Young Alumni go yard at Big 10 Night at Wrigley Field
With temperatures in the low 70s and barely a cloud in the sky, Sept. 3 was a great night for baseball and some College of Science alumni bonding.

Freshman brings tremendous biology research skills to the College of Science
Nicole Biddinger scored a first place prize at the 2013 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

Physics senior wins top prize at American Association of Physics Teachers conference
Harvey Kaplan took home the Outstanding Student Poster Award for his work on gyroscopic motion at the July event that took place in Portland, Ore.

GLOBE looks at soil at the Celery Bog
Science teachers from across the country took advantage of the College of Science’s affiliation with the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) by digging in some West Lafayette dirt.

Science Express gives teachers looks at the latest in lab equipment and experiments
Dozens of central Indiana high school science teachers tested new equipment and brainstormed classroom science experiments with each other during a week-long Science Express workshop.

Ben-Amotz brings beer and 'Crazy' science together
Chemistry Prof. Dor Ben-Amotz captivated a crowd of almost 150 with his "Crazy" scientist stories.

Cooks wins a Dreyfus Prize, $250K
Prof. R. Graham Cooks awarded in the field of chemical instrumentation.

'Global Dialogues' helps international students connect
One of the College of Science's newest initiatives aims at making international students feel more comfortable and connected during their time in West Lafayette.

Prof. Hollenbeck finally wins 'the big one'
Prof. Peter Hollenbeck reacts to the news that he has won a Charles B. Murphy Award Monday morning in the lobby of Lilly Hall.

Dedication to students brings Chem Prof. Marcy Towns a Murphy Award
Surrounded by colleagues and her graduate students in the Chemistry Education research group, Towns gave huge smiles and hugs to everyone in the room, all while clutching black and gold balloons. Towns was nominated for a Murphy Award for her efforts to cater to students with extended office hours and leading study sessions at locations away from Chemistry’s home base of Wetherill.

'Coffee and Conversation' connects CoS students with alumni in their fields of study
About 30 students get a unique opportunity to pick the brains of successful Computer Science alumni and other professionals.

Purdue Physics seniors take to the sky to recreate 100 year old experiment
Purdue Physics Outreach program recreates Victor Hess' remarkable flight.

Two CoS faculty receive high honors
On Dec. 11 2012, two College of Science faculty members received significant national awards.

14 Purdue professors among first AMS class of fellows
Dr. Laszlo Lempert, one of the Purdue AMS fellows named Nov. 1.

$2.5 million professorship established in the Purdue Department of Mathematics
Andy Zoltners has gifted $1.5 million to the Department of Mathematics to establish the Andris A. Zoltners Distinguished Professorship

CoS trio honored for work in diversity
A diverse Purdue University was honored Oct. 11 at the 40th Title IX Conference.

Study maps greenhouse gas emissions to building, street level for U.S. cities
Researchers develop a new software system capable of estimating greenhouse gas emissions across entire urban landscapes.

Teijin representatives visit the College of Science
College of Science hosts them during their visit to Purdue

First Bindley Day a successful one
The Bindley Bioscience Center opened its doors to the public on Nov. 30 at the first Bindley Day.

Parents, kids program side-by-side at CS event
Computer Science opened up one of its labs to area kids and their parents for a unique opportunity to program side-by-side on Dec. 1, 2012

CoS professors among new AAAS fellows
Four Purdue University College of Science professors have been awarded the distinction of fellow from the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Nobel winner gives Purdue audience preview of new space telescope
Dr. John Mather, head scientist of the James Webb Space Telescope project and a Nobel Prize winner in Physics, visited Purdue University on Nov. 15 2012

Math Field Day highlights the fun behind numbers
About 150 Greater Lafayette eighth graders got to participate in the fun side of math at the 2012 Purdue Math Field Day.

'Tech Nation' taping enlightens CoS students, faculty
The Purdue episode featured six science journalism laureates from around the world to talk on the topic of 'The Future of Science Journalism'.

Six Purdue Science researchers earn prestigious NSF CAREER Awards
Faculty Early Career Development Awards go to for promising researchers in science and engineering.

"Separating Data from Metadata for Robustness and Scalability"

"Wireless and Mobile Systems: Changing the Rules of the Game"

"New Machine Learning Approaches to Modeling Dynamic Systems"

"Making data analysis really about analysis"

"Computing on Private Data"

"Empirical Study on Chinese Web Passwords"

"Analyzing and Learning from Biological Networks"

The Fierce Urgency of Now

Prof. Viens takes home a College of Science Research Award

Chemistry and Mathematics gain new department heads

CoS summer camps in full swing

Bio and Stats students collaborate on expanding best ways to teach biology

Summer research project promotes collaboration between Statistics and Biological Sciences

Wetherill inducted as National Historic Chemical Landmark

Francisco elected to National Academy of Sciences

Influential Purdue Physics professor remembered at lecture series

'Father of the Internet' visits CS to help celebrate its 50th

Physics Outreach recreates hot air balloon cosmic ray experiment

College of Science impresses at Research Symposium

Physics Outreach brings interactive experiments to the Scouts

Top Indiana science students gather at Purdue for 'Olympiad'

'Feasting with Faculty' creates connections between students and instructors

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