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Registered Student Organizations Events / Activities with Travel Activity Planning Form Requirements

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Protecting Myself, Others and the Purdue Community:

For the purpose of the document meetings are defined as being sponsored by the student organization. Can be but not limited to, committee meetings, new member (pledge meetings), general body meetings, planning meetings, executive board meetings, and elections.

Please provide the following information as you plan for the return of people and programming:

Basic Information: Date, location, number of individuals (student, staff, faculty, visitors)

  1. RSOs would be mandated to complete an activity planning form for all in person and virtual student organization meetings and retreats.
  2. All meetings/retreats would need to have an alternative plan which could be virtual, date change, or cancellation.
  3. Through the Boilerlink platform students are required to use the RSVP feature.

Purpose of the Event?

  1. To provide an opportunity for student organizations to handle student organization business as well as an opportunity to bond.

Outline your plan for complying with the requirements of the Protect Purdue Pledge: to protect myself, protect others, and protect the community.

  1. Mandated Attendance documentation
    1. Estimated attendance declared in the Activity Planning Form.  
    2. Mobile check in – mandatory attendance for all events. 
      1. All attendance information is stored in the Boilerlink system and can be exported for contact tracing purposes. 
    3. Door counter to ensure max number of attendees.
    4. Mandatory temperature checks upon check-in of event
      1. Can use personal thermometer or rent one from SAO to use at event
    5. No non-Purdue visitors allowed
      1. Possible Non-Purdue Advisor exception
      2. This would include fundraising opportunities
    6. Provide mechanisms to ensure the event is accessible regardless of format.
  2. Face Masks
    1. All attendees and student organization members must wear a mask.
    2. If a student is without a mask the RSO would need to have supplies for the student or turn the student away from the meeting.
  3. Social distancing
    1. Students would adhere to the 6ft policy.
  4. Face Shields
    1. When social distancing cannot be maintained and closer distancing and certain activities require additional PPE a face shield along with a face mask must be worn. For example: In settings with closer distancing wherein students are facing each other, or students will be moving around, everyone must wear face shields in addition to face masks.
    2. See REM Guidance on Face Shields.
  5. Hand hygiene
    1. RSOs may need to wear gloves if handing out items.
    2. RSOs will be responsible for hand sanitizer or hand washing stations if that is not provided in the space.
  6. Protection of people located at reception, transaction windows:
    1. Check-in stations for meeting would need to have social distancing for people entering the space.
    2. The organization should have more than one mobile device available for check-in.
  7. De-densification of spaces
    1. Adherence to predetermined seating and anticipated lines for entering the meeting would need to include painted or taped demarcations for social distancing.
    2. Room capacity would need to be 50 or more to adhere to the 25 person guideline – many rooms have already been de-densified check with the building deputy to be sure.
  8. Public areas (restrooms, conference rooms, kitchenettes) – De-densification and maintaining social distancing when utilizing these spaces.
  9.  Classrooms and Meeting Space
    1. RSO would be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing after their event.
    2. RSOs will need to coordinate with the Building Deputy or Facilities to understand all protocol for the designated space.
    3. RSOs will need to create a plan for attendees to properly enter and exit spaces to adhere to proper social distancing.
    4. RSOs will need to work with the Building Deputy and use approved COVID-19 signs, which are available for download by the Building Deputy.
  10. Other gathering space
    1. In terms of activities and events. A group may need to have additional sites if over the 25 limit. Those would be treated as two separate events in an APF needing to address all the concerns and mitigations.
  11. Transportation:
    1. All meetings/Retreats would be on campus property with no need for transportation.  
  12.  Transportation:
    1. All RSO activity is to be maintained on the West Lafayette Campus and/or Purdue owned facilities within Tippecanoe County. 
    2. Using Citybus system to navigate on campus is allowed. All Protect Purdue Policies must be followed.   
    3. Vehicular travel must be done in a manner that minimizes the possibility of COVID-19 transmission. The following guidelines must be followed: 
      1. Vehicles will only be approved if leaving campus proper to go to a Purdue owned facility within Tippecanoe County.
      2. Vehicle must leave campus and make no stops beyond destination as approved through SAO to Purdue owned facility only.
      3. Everyone in the vehicle must wear a face mask for the duration of the trip.
      4. Occupancy in the vehicle cannot exceed 50% total ridership based on the number of seats in a vehicle: 
        1. Passenger vehicle (including compact cars, SUVs, etc.) — i.e., if 5 seats, occupancy cannot exceed 2 people.
        2. Passenger van and high-capacity trucks — i.e., if 10 seats, occupancy cannot exceed 5 people.
        3. Shuttle bus — i.e., if 16 seats, occupancy cannot exceed 8 people.
      5. Tracking of vehicle, occupancy rating and riders' names must be submitted prior to trip via the Activity Planning Form.
      6. Occupants in the vehicle should maintain 6 feet of separation in the vehicle, if possible. This may be accomplished by facing the same direction, sitting in alternating rows in a vehicle or by maintaining a zig-zag pattern of seat spacing. 
      7. Hand sanitizer, wipes and tissues must be available in the vehicle for each trip.
      8. Circulate air within the vehicle at all times, as possible given weather conditions. Open or partially open windows and use outside air for air conditioning.
      9. No food consumption allowed in vehicle.
      10. RMO1 must be completed and on file with University for all drivers.

What is the plan for emergencies?

  1. Student organizations would be instructed to call 911 for emergencies.

What is the plan if someone exhibits symptoms of COVID-19?

  1. The RSO safety officer must instruct the student to leave the event and direct the student to contact PPHC (Protect Purdue Health Center at 765-496-INFO (4636) or toll-free at 833-571-1043) immediately. Student must follow the direction of the case manager at PPHC.
  2. PPHC case managers will likely begin the contact tracing that will identify those in close, significant contact with the student feeling ill and contact tracing will contact as appropriate. Each student, faculty or staff that is managed by PPHC is done so individually and the RSO should refrain from communicating on behalf of the symptomatic student.
  3. SAO would provide the list of attendees to that specific event for contact tracing.
  4. SAO could also look up the student name and see all meetings, events, and activities attended sponsored by RSOs.

Will food be offered at this event/program? If so, please describe:

  1. Only prepackaged (individual) catered food would be allowed for distributing. All self-prepared food would be prohibited.  
  2. Students could eat in the spaces designated for dining with proper social distancing. 

Plan to address non-compliance.

  1. RSOs in violation of the Protect Purdue Plan
    1. An Investigation of the activity with OSRR & SAO
    2. Depending on the level of non-compliance
      1. Verbal/Written Warning, Limitation of Privileges, up to more severe consequences (no further meetings/activities)

Additional information about this plan.

  1. The SAO office will provide training for planning and executing events during COVID restrictions to RSO leaders as well as RSO advisors. Our office will continue to offer individual consultations.
  2. We will begin to reach out to organizations that planned activities/events previously to discuss their plans and help guide them on the possibilities for this semester.
  3. An instructional YouTube video will also be created.
  4. We may be able to have a small stockpile of sanitation items for students to check out. Including Clorox wipes, thermometers, and hand sanitizer.

Every Event Planning Form MUST be reviewed by the Student Event Safety Committee

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