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Physical Facilities Safety Committee

Learn, practice, promote.

Goals for 2016-2017

See and Take Action


Promote the elimination of work related injuries through a variety of safety initiatives.

Action Steps:

  • See something say something (“See and Take Action”)
    • Meet with Jay Wasson to present program
    • Form Sub-committee to develop promotional materials
  • Show video “Safety, It’s up to me”
  • Prepare a safety topic for each meeting
  • Solicit feedback on tasks that cause employees most strains
  • Hold specific staff meetings pertaining to safety
  • Include safety topic in Physical Facilities Connection
  • Have crew chiefs perform safety observations since they are more hands on with the employees

Objective 2 

Serve as “Safety Leaders” for the University community and provide support to all safety committees.

Action Steps:

  • Have upper administration attend meetings to show support
  • Have material and other support to do a job safer
  • Area safety committees should have regular safety meetings at a designated time
  • Investigate ways to communicate proper techniques for lifting and moving to help avoid strain/sprain injuries
  • Be engaged as committee members; take information back to team
  • Improve documentation of training for audits
  • Create end of year report on all safety committee accomplishments, and Invite Physical Facilities Chief Operations Officer to end of year meeting
  • Assign tasks for committee members at each area and PFSC meetings, and track progress
  • Invite building deputies and other university representatives to attend PFSC
  • Review Goals every six months (January and July members-only meetings)


Facilitate the integration of safety into all aspects of our work environment.

Action Steps


  • Consider safety in the timeline for completion of projects 


  • Encourage reporting of more first-aid injuries


  • More positive awards for safe behavior, ideas include:
    • “Safety Bravo”– Add safety category
    • Departmental safety recognition
    • Appreciation events such as a cookout


B= Budget

P= Production

Q= Quality

S= Safety