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Safety Award Criteria

Our goal is to recognize an Individual or group for their efforts in keeping a safe working environment. Qualified Nominee(s) should practice safety techniques designed to reduce or eliminate on-the-job injuries and strive for an overall safe and hazard free Purdue University.


Individual Guidelines

  • An individual who stands out and leads by example by practicing good safety techniques.
  • An individual who practices good leadership and communication with other employees.
  • An individual who keeps his/her work environment neat, clean and safe.
  • An individual who produces positive and motivating ideas geared toward providing a safer working environment.
  • An individual who goes above and beyond to help.

Group Guidelines

  • As a group, they all have a safe working history and lead by example.
  • As a group, they develop and share ideas geared toward providing a safer working environment.
  • As a whole, they each practice the individual guidelines for safe working practices.


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