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PURA history: 2003-2004


Officers and Advisor:
President:  Roy A. Johnson
Vice President: To be nominated for 2004-05
Secretary/Treasurer: Barbara A. Hansen
Historian: Velma Schanke
Past President: Betty M. Nelson
Advisor: Kenneth P. Burns

Committee Chairpersons:
Benefits: Charles M. Ehresman
Communications: Barbara A. Hansen
Hospitality/Community Service: Lois K. Wark and W. Scott Rumble
Program: Dennis E. Courtaney
Trips and Tours: Hannis W. Thompson

Ad-Hoc Committee Chairpersons:
Kick-Off Luncheon: Mary Alice Nebold
Living to 100 Securely: Program Committee


Annual Meeting:
Ken Burns was the featured speaker at the luncheon May 26, 2004.

Plans were made to place historical materials from PACR and PURA in the Purdue Libraries Archives.

Award Recipients:
Arthur G. Hansen Recognition Award: Cooperative Extension Service, David C. Petritz, Director 
Focusing on health related benefits for retirees, the Benefits Committee negotiated to have prescription drugs included in the medical options through Anthem.
A health benefits survey conducted with the Big Ten Retirees’ Associations in spring 2003 was repeated in spring 2004.
The committee members also met with the John Purdue Club and the Athletic Department to discuss the increased rate (700%) for a season pass to play at a Purdue golf course, the need for improved communication regarding promotion of events, and the John Purdue point system. 
Big Ten Retirees Association Conference:
Roy Johnson and Chuck Ehresman attended the Big Ten Retirees’ Conference at the University of Michigan.  Bylaws for the organization were adopted.

Campus Campaign:
Retiree giving to The Campus Campaign for Purdue totaled $3,705,000 in 2003.
Council for Manager Development:
The purpose of the project, “Engaging Purdue Retirees,” was designed
to identify additional methods for engaging Purdue retirees residing in the Lafayette, West Lafayette community through enhanced relationships and communications. It was determined by the executive committee that a potential survey could be very beneficial.
The revised handbook for new retirees was sent to members with the
telephone directory mailing.

Hospitality and Community Service:
How to be more responsive to the needs of more clerical and service retirees and getting them involved with PURA was a priority for the  Hospitality and Community Service committee at a brainstorming session held in September. The committee has chosen not to act as hosts for the monthly meetings at MCL. A University pre-retirement packet, similar to one used at Northwestern, was developed by the committee, which was renamed the Hospitality Committee.
Kickoff Luncheon:
“Purdue Family Reunion” was the theme for the kickoff luncheon September 8, 2003.  One hundred eighty-two (182) retirees registered for the event at the University Inn. 
Living to 100 in Style:
  The first healthcare seminar was planned for September 2004.

Procedures Manual:
The PURA Procedures Manual was developed to be used as a reference by incoming committee chairpersons.  Job descriptions of officers and standing committees were included.

Monthly meetings, held at MCL, featured a variety of topics presented by engaging speakers.  It was decided to discontinue the “entertainment” portion of the monthly meetings. A listing and description of the programs are included with the materials submitted for filing in the Purdue Archives.

Spring Fling:
Standup calendars were distributed at Spring Fling.
A tribute was given Mayor Sonya Margerum for her leadership and cooperative spirit when she spoke at the December PURA meeting.

Trips and Tours:
Trips to Conner Prairie and Purdue’s Aquatic Center and Airport took place in the fall and to the Anson Wolcott House, the Myers Dinner Theater at Hillsboro, and Culver Military Academy in the spring.

Tutoring Project:
A retiree mentoring and tutoring project for student athletes was

United Way:
Purdue retirees were selected to be pacesetters for the United Way

Keeping the website current is a major goal.  It was determined that annual reports should be placed on the web.

Comprehensive reports, regarding the above PURA activities and accomplishments during the year beginning June 2003 and concluding May 2004, are filed in the Purdue Archives.

May 2008
Mary Alice Nebold, Historian