Project Facilitation for Large Proposals

The project coordinator is available to assist groups of faculty planning to submit proposals that include multiple units, disciplines, and partners. The project coordinator identifies life sciences-related funding opportunities appropriate for Purdue faculty, works with groups of faculty to determine the suitability of a given opportunity, coordinates meetings with all appropriate partners, and assists as needed to assure that all components of a particular opportunity are addressed. In addition, the project coordinator works with faculty to develop cohesive groups in anticipation of future funding opportunities. Services include:

  • Identification of funding opportunities, including regular interaction with sponsors to discuss upcoming opportunities
  • Advanced planning for anticipated proposal submissions
  • Help with identification, coordination and meetings of project team
  • Organization of teleconferences with sponsor and/or partner institutions
  • Assistance in the facilitation of meetings with sponsors
  • Assistance in the development of research communities
  • Communication with potential collaborators outside of the university, as appropriate
  • Internal peer review

For more information on project facilitation, please contact Perry Kirkham at


Pivot (formerly COS) Research Expertise


Indiana Database of University Research Expertise (INDURE)