Conflict of Interest: Policies and Management

Who is Responsible for Managing FCOI?

Responsibility of all employees of Purdue University

All employees of Purdue University are required to disclose, as required by the University Policy on Individual Financial Conflicts of Interest, any and all Financial Interests that he, she or a Dependent has in University activities or transactions. Such disclosures must be made as far in advance of the contract, purchase, procurement, investment or loan as possible and may be made on an annual basis with respect to particular types of contracts or purchases of goods or services that the University makes on a repetitive basis from a particular vendor.
Upon request by the COI Officer, confirm the accuracy of and sign each Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement prepared by the COI Officer for transmittal to the Board of Trustees and the Indiana State Board of Accounts.
Comply with the requirements of any management or mitigation plan approved by the Conflicts Committee.



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