Funding Opportunities

Laboratory Research Equipment Program

2014 Recipients

Last Name First Name College Department Amount
Avramova Larisa DP Bindley $74,000.00
Beneš Bedřich Technology Computer Graphics Technology $50,000.00
Caffee Marc E. Science Physics $92,925.00
Everly R. Michael Science Chemistry $99,820.00
Fleet James C. Health and Human Sciences Nutrition Science $74,360.00
Gelvin Stanton B. Science Biological Sciences $20,000.00
Hall Mark C. Agriculture Biochemistry $25,400.00
Hallett Steve Agriculture Horticulture & Landscape Architecture $4,970.00
Han Qingyou Technology Engineering Technology $100,000.00
Kuang Shihuan Agriculture Animal Science $30,000.00
Lelièvre Sophie Veterinary Medicine Basic Medical Sciences $99,964.70
Liu Xiaoqi Agriculture Biochemistry/ Center for Cancer $97,717.00
Malis Oana Science Physics and Astronomy $99,115.00
Mengiste Tesfaye Agriculture Botany and Plant Pathology $17,798.00
Mesecar Andrew D. Science Purdue Center for Cancer Research/ Biological Sciences $99,260.00
Mittal Suresh K. Veterinary Medicine/DP Comparative Pathobiology/ Bindley $60,740.83
Nie Linda Health and Human Sciences Health Sciences $ 100,00.00
Ortalan Volkan Engineering Materials Engineering $60,000.00
Qiao Li Engineering Aeronautics & Astronautics, $100,000.00
Thom J. M. Technology Aviation Technology $37,000.00
Webb Mary Alice Agriculture Botany and Plant Pathology $25,600.00
Yao Yuan Agriculture Food Science $99,689.20
Yeo Yoon Pharmacy Industrial and Physical Pharmacy $74,370.00
Youngblood Jeffrey P. Engineering Materials Engineering $100,000.00

2013 Recipients

Last Name First Name College Department Amount
Alexeenko Alina Engineering Aeronautics and Astronautics   $40,000.00
Applegate Todd Agriculture Animal Science   $65,270.00
Bobet Antonio Engineering Civil Engineering   $97,927.00
Chmielewski Jean Science Chemistry   $59,244.90
Freeman Jennifer  Health And Human Sciences  School of Health Sciences   $39,745.00
Golden Barbara  Agriculture Biochemistry  $99,800.00
Hockerman Gregory  Pharmacy Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology   $99,449.00
Liu Julia C. Engineering Chemical Engineering   $94,650.00
Mattes Richard Health And Human Sciences  Nutrition Science   $43,820.00
Rochet Jean-Christohe (Chris) Pharmacy Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology   $82,584.00
San Martin-Gonzalez M. Fernanda Agriculture Food Science  $78,000.00
Szymanski Dan Agriculture Agronomy  $99,237.95
Tao W. Andy Agriculture Biochemistry  $71,789.11
Taylor Lynne Pharmacy Industrial and Physical Pharmacy and Chemical Engineering (by courtesy)  $62,750.00
Wassgren Carl Engineering Mechanical Engineering   $78,900.00
Zwier Timothy Science Chemistry   $97,600.00

2012 Recipients

Last Name First Name College Department Title Amount
AjuwonKolapo Agriculture Animal Science Metabolic Phenotyping of Obesity Development $98,390.00
Boltasseva Alexandra  Engineering  Electrical & Computer Engineering   Supercontinuum Laser Source   $50,000.00
Boudouris Bryan Engineering  Chemical Engineering  The Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) Beam Line at Purdue University   $75,000.00
Cherkauer Keith  Agriculture  Agricultural and Biological Engineering  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for Environmental Monitoring  $80,750.00
Chmielewski Jean Science  Chemistry  BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer  $97,900.00
Frankenberger Jane Agriculture  Agricultural and Biological Engineering  Optical Sensor for Continuous Nitrate Monitoring in an Agricultural Drainage System   $24,500.00
Freeman Jennifer Health and Human Sciences  Health Sciences  Agilent Microarray SureScan Scanner Bundle   $89,511.60
Geahlen Robert  Pharmacy  Medicinal Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology  Purchase of a table-top ultracentrifuge   $66,218.70
Ginzel Matthew D.  Agriculture  Entomolgy & Forestry & Natural Resources  Electoantennography: a rapid and effective technique for identifying insect semiochemicals   $43,130.00
Kirchmaier Ann Agriculture  Biochemistry  Laboratory Research Equipment Program Proposal for Acquisition of QIAgility Instrument   $             53,738.00
Kulatunga N. Athula Technology  Electrical & Computer Engineering Technology  Sinkable Power Source   $25,173.00
Main Russell Veterinary Medicine   Basic Medical Sciences  Purdue Laboratory Research Equipment Program, NanoDrop 2000  $  9,605.00
Mendrysa Susan M.  Veterinary Medicine Basic Medical Sciences  ViiA™ 7 Real-time PCR System   $60,000.00
Thompson David Science  Chemistry  Lyophilizer Purchase   $17,900.00
Won You-Yeon Engineering  Chemical Engineering  A fluid/interface Rheometer  $68,774.50
Weil Clifford Agriculture  Agronomy Fluidigm AccessArray System: High Throughput Sample Configuration   $100,000.00
Wachs Juan P Engineering  Industrial Engineering  A Dual Robotic Arm to Enhance Cross-Disciplinary Capabilities and Exploration   $100,000.00
Youngblood Jeffrey  Engineering  Materials Engineering  High Temperature Environmentally Controlled Dynamic Scanning Calorimeter   $100,000.00
Packer Rebecca   Veterinary Medicine   Basic Medical Sciences  The Brainsight Veterinary Neuronavigation System   $100,000.00