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Research Cores Supplemental Funding Program

University-Level Research Cores Supplemental Funding Program
Advancing Purdue’s Research Enterprise

Office of the Vice President for Research
Purdue University

Proposals – October 10, 2013
Funds available – December 1, 2013


The faculty, students and staff at Purdue have significant needs for access to instrumentation, equipment, facilities, software and databases in order to conduct the world-class research that is expected at a major research university. To meet these needs, academic units, centers and other organizations have established and are operating and maintaining many university-level research cores at Purdue. It is clear that the Purdue research cores face challenges to maintain existing equipment and to either upgrade existing or acquire new equipment to match the latest scientific and technological advances in their fields. Some of the costs of meeting these challenges can be addressed through the recharge rates in place for core services or, for significant capital equipment needs, through federally funded major equipment grants. However, a significant need exists to augment these sources with internal funds to fill existing gaps and advance the research activities at Purdue.


Eligibility is limited to university-level research cores located at the West Lafayette campus that have users from multiple academic units or centers.

University-Level Research Cores Supplemental Funding Program

Amount: requests are limited to $100,000 and below

The program is designed to support the following types of expenses within university-level research cores:

  • Equipment repair, maintenance, upgrade, acquisition and installation
  • Technology acquisition
  • Personnel (with the understanding of the one-time nature of the funding defined below)

The awards from this program are intended to be determined annually and be one-time allocations for specific purposes. This program is aimed at existing university-level research cores.

Application and Submission Process

The deadline for receipt of proposals is 12:00 p.m., Thursday, October 10, 2013. Proposals must be submitted as a single pdf file attachment to an e-mail message addressed to Sheryl Willison at Projects should have a start date of December 1, 2013 and funds must be spent or encumbered by December 31, 2014.

Application Instructions

The application must use Arial 11 point font with 1.0 inch margins and follow the template below. The application (items 1-7) must not exceed 5 pages. Incomplete applications and/or applications that do not meet these requirements will be returned without review.

Application Template

  1. Research Core
  2. Principal investigators
  3. Academic units, centers, organizations
  4. Description of proposed repair, maintenance, upgrade, and/or acquisition, including scientific/technological need
  5. Budget for request
  6. Justification of budget request, including:
    1. Specific use of funds for repair, maintenance, upgrades, equipment and technology acquisition, infrastructure improvements
    2. Benefits to core users (number of users and their affiliations and nature of benefits)
    3. Projected impact on future recurring costs, recharge rates, subsidies of the core
  7. A statement indicating that the subject of this proposal was not included in an existing funded or soon to be funded proposal.
  8. Updated NIH Biosketch or NSF CV for PI’s (Not included in the 5 page limit)

Review Criteria

  • Impact – the impact an award based on the proposal will have on enhancing the research core’s support of the Purdue research enterprise, including, but not limited to, number of users and breadth of user base across campus.
  • Need – the scientific and/or technological need for the repair, maintenance, upgrade and/or acquisition

Note that cost share provided by the academic units, centers and organizations involved in the proposal is not prohibited but will not be considered during the review process.

Proposal Review

All proposals will be reviewed by a panel consisting of the associate deans for research. Recommendations will be submitted to the OVPR for final selection.

Post-Award and Reporting Requirements

Successful applicants are required to submit a final written report describing the impact the award had on research core. The final report should be submitted to Sheryl Willison at by February 28, 2015.

Contact Information

Questions about proposal submission should be directed to Jeff Bolin ( or Ned Howell ( FAQs regarding this program can be found here.