Cybersecurity expert warns teleworkers to be on the lookout for hackers

3/16/2010 |

Companies are taking unprecedented steps in the wake of COVID-19, with some telling employees to work from home and others preparing similar contingency plans. The result, however, could be a cybersecurity nightmare.

Purdue University professor Marcus Rogers, an expert in cybersecurity and cyber forensics, has almost 25 years of experience in public- and private-sector consulting in the area of information technology security, and has consulted for the military, law enforcement and for some of the largest financial and health care providers in the world.

“Criminals will use the crisis to scam people for money, account information and more. With more people working from home, people need to make sure they are practicing good cybersecurity hygiene, just like they would at work,” he said. “There is also a big risk that infrastructures will become overwhelmed, resulting in communication outages, both internet and cell.”