Education of the Next Generation

Curriculum with a real-world perspective

Through our graduate-level programs in areas such as drug design, regulatory affairs and entrepreneurship, we are preparing the next generation for academic and corporate careers. Members of the Center for Drug Discovery serve as faculty directors for these courses, enriching classroom and laboratory environments with real-world perspectives.

We offer a multitude of undergraduate and graduate level courses, ranging from the fundamental biology of molecular targets to the design of appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic agents to preclinical testing in animal models to development of good manufacturing practices. The College of Pharmacy additionally offers graduate certificate and non-thesis master's programs in regulatory and quality compliance. An interdisciplinary graduate-level degree in drug discovery is under development.

Courses are available through the following departments:

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Identification and Validation of Druggable Targets

Molecular Biology of Cancer - BIOL51600
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Neurobiology - BIOL53800
Cellular Neurobiology - BIOL60200
Biomolecular Interactions: Theory and Practice - MCMP51400
Basic Principles of chemical Action on Biological System - MCMP57000
Molecular Targets:

Neuro Function and Dysfunction - MCMP61700
Cancer - MCMP61800
Biological Targets for Drug Discovery - MCMP 61500

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  Drug Design

Physical Chemical Principles - IPPH 58000
Aspects of Drug Design and Medicinal Chemistry - MCMP 69000K
Drug Discovery and Development I and II - PHRM 46000, 46100
Principles of Pathophysiology and Drug Action - PHRM82400
Drug Classes/Mechanisms - MCMP 54400

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Structure-based Drug Design and Structure/Activity Analyses

Exploration of Protein Structure - BIOL 442070
Biological & Structural Aspects of Drug Design and Action- BIOL 49500
Computer-Aided Drug Design - MCMP 69000


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Clinical Trial Design and Regulatory Affairs (writting INDs for FDA, etc.)

Food and Drug Law I and II - PHAD 50100, PHAD 50200
Drug Development - IPPH 52100
Good Regulatory Practice - IPPH 52200
Quality Management, Audits and Inspections - IPPH 52300
Document and Dialogue of Drug Development and Registration - IPPH 69000
Physical Chemical Principles - IPPH 58000
Advanced Biopharmaceutics - IPPH 58300
Principles of Pharmacokinetics - PHRM 84600

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Patenting and Commercialization Pathways for Inventions

Document and Dialogue of Drug Development and Registration - IPPH69000

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Manufacturing and Quality Control

Introduction to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes - IPPH 56200
Pharmaceutical Solids - IPPH 58700
Particulate Systems - CHE 53600
Molecular Basis of Manufacturing Pharmaceuticals - IPPH 69000
Biotechnology - Derived Drugs - IPPH 69000
Dosage Forms I and II - PHRM 82800, 82900