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The primary objective of our PCSI Research Consortium (PRC) program is to meet the growing needs of industry, government, and academia in prognostics research, development, and education.  We accomplish this by creating a comprehensive environment for leading edge research, technical exchange, stakeholder collaboration and the educational development of advanced graduates in the fields of prognostics, diagnostics and systems integrity.
Our program offers a wide range of benefits to our members as well as to the university.  There is the opportunity to participate in cutting edge research that will have direct influence on the future of the prognostic and diagnostic fields and in real world applications.  The ability to interact with our students and staff as prospective employees is established easily with our consortium members having early access to student resumes and student and faculty presentations and publications.  The annual research symposium and workshop is exclusive to affiliate members only. It showcases all of work of PCSI and provides opportunities for in depth evaluation of the technologies under development.

The PRC program is designed to build and enhance relationships between PCSI, industry and government organizations involved in the areas of sensing, prediction, and control.  Opportunities include:

  • Access to leading researchers and technology in prognostics
  • Recruiting and internship opportunities
  • Increased visibility in the stakeholder community
  • Direct input into research programs
  • Networking opportunities with potential partners and sponsors

Member financial support is a vital to the operation of our research center.  These funds:

  • Facilitate the transfer of prognostics research results to Consortium members
  • Support student research and education
  • Improve stakeholder communication by providing an independent forum for interaction
  • Enhance graduate student education development

Contributing - $20,000 / year

  • “Members Only” annual workshop and symposium
  • Networking opportunities with primes, suppliers, and federal sponsors
  • Eligible to site a company representative at the Kepner Facility
  • Early access to all open research results
  • Access to online students resumes
  • Receive all open research reports
  • Access to all archival research publications on the PCSI website

Contributing Members are urged to join with PCSI to seek joint federal or state funding
Sustaining - $50,000 / year

  • All Contributing level benefits plus:
  • Membership on the Consortium Leadership Board which assesses and defines the direction of the research programs on an annual basis and selects the focus of technological research by defining programs
  • Members have non-excusive access to IP generated.
  • Members have access to project deliverables in the form of computer software, hardware, etc.

Membership in the PCSI Research Consortium requires a qualifying “unrestricted gift” contribution to the center.

The annual research symposium and workshop is a yearly event that brings our faculty, students, and Consortium members together to discuss the latest development is prognostics.  All faculty and most students attend, and we ask one to three representatives from each member to attend.  The event features:

  • Research overviews by faculty and students and updates on developments in the field
  • Focused breakout sessions by research area where students, faculty, and affiliates can interact
  • Demonstrations of the technologies we have developed through our research
  • Individual one-on-one meetings with faculty and students to continue to build relationships
  • Discussions on the future research directions of the center that encompass industry and government and academia
  • Networking opportunities with other affiliate members
  • Opportunity to discuss employment options with students

For more information please contact Matthew Potrawski @ 765-496-9301 or

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