Jennifer Linvill

Jennifer Linvill


Jennifer S. Linvill has taken on the role of IRB administrator in the Human Research and Protection Program (HRPP).  She will work with the HRPP director, Institutional Review Boards and the research community to continue streamlining the IRB review processes.

Linvill will be a key contact and resource for IRB review of all research involving human subjects. She will be responsible for ensuring that all research at Purdue that involves human subjects is conducted in accordance with relevant federal guidelines and in a manner that promotes the protection of the rights and welfare of the participants.

Since 2004, Linvill has assisted Purdue administrators, faculty and staff with U.S. employment-based immigration as a senior counselor and the liaison collaboration leader within the Office of International Students & Scholars. Linvill is a doctoral candidate in Purdue’s Brian Lamb School of Communication, where she also received her master of arts in organizational communication.