Betsy Parkinson

Betsy Parkinson, professor of organic chemistry, works in her lab with students. Photo courtesy of Purdue Marketing and Media.

SPRING 2021 |

The Protect Purdue team is rolling out new applications to assist students, faculty and staff during testing, quarantining and isolation for COVID-19. 

Two new tools rolled out this semester for students and employees to help make the COVID-19 testing and, when needed, quarantine and isolation processes smoother during the spring semester.

PassProof is a web-based application that students, faculty and staff will be asked to use while in isolation or quarantine to help the Protect Purdue Health Center monitor and track any symptoms patients may be experiencing via a brief daily survey you can complete from your phone or computer. Only those who are undergoing isolation or quarantine will be asked to use PassProof, although anyone may choose to use it more frequently to monitor symptoms if desired.

Additionally, students, faculty and staff can use the Healow app to schedule COVID-19 testing appointments (including for weekly surveillance testing), view test results and communicate with their Protect Purdue Health Center case manager while under their care.

The Protect Purdue website contains the latest updates, FAQs and guidance regarding COVID-19 for faculty, staff, researchers, students, visitors and other audiences. Research-related information is here.

We suggest that you visit the website frequently to keep up to date, as not all official announcements are distributed widely.

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