Coeus FAQs infographic

JAN.-FEB. 2017 |

CoeusLite is a web-based research administration and grant management system comprised of several different modules, one of which is Institutional Review. The FAQs here relate specifically to that module,although some may apply to other portals as well. Download the PDF.

The text version is below:

  1. What is Pending in Progress?
    The phrase means that the submission has not begun the routing  journey to the  IRB. Click Submit to send your submission on its way.
  2. What is Submitted to IRB?
    It means that the study is with the IRB for review.
  3. Where can I find my approved consent forms in CoeusLite?
    The most recent approved consent forms can be found in the Attachment tab. For any questions regarding approved forms, email
  4. Where can I find my approval letter in CoeusLite?
    Click on the View History tab, then Expand on Approval. Under Correspondences, select View to see the letter.
  5. What is my username and password for CoeusLite?
    Your username and password are the same that you have set up for your Career Account at Purdue.
  6. What does the Schedule Date mean, and should I be concerned?
    This is an internal IRB  process and has no relevance for investigators.
  7. I submitted a new study in CoeusLite. However, when I checked my protocol status, it still notes Routing in Progress instead of Submitted to IRB.
    Routing in Progress means that the PI or department head still needs to  approve the submission before it is sent to the IRB. Click Approval Routing in the CoeusLite left menu bar to check the routing progress of your submission.
  8. Why can’t I see any of the protocols that I am listed on?
    PIs, Co-Is and individuals who have been given permission as aggregators or viewers will be able to see the studies they are listed on. Check with the PI to see if you are listed as an aggregator or viewer before emailing
  9. The questionnaire is asking me to submit an Non-Exempt Application. What is it?
    The Non-Exempt Application has replaced the Application Narrative. It describes the research study in detail and is required for non-exempt submissions. A template is on the IRB Forms page at Properly completed, the document provides necessary information for the IRB to conduct a review under federal regulations. Upload the completed document to your study submission package in Coeus.
  10. Why can’t I create a protocol?
    Only a qualified PI (not a student)  should initiate a protocol in CoeusLite. To request user access, complete the User Access Request Form on the home page in CoeusLite, or at Or send an email to
  11. Can I upload all of my documents into one PDF?
    Documents always should be uploaded separately to speed IRB review. If your documents cannot be uploaded as separate files, your submission may be sent back, delaying review.
  12. How should I name my  attachment?
    For suggestions, see the CoeusLite Naming Convention for Attachments document on the IRB website: