Lilly Hall

Lilly Hall of Life Sciences (Purdue University/Rebecca Wilcox)

SPRING 2021 |

In late March, the Purdue Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and the Laboratory Animal Program offices will relocate to Lilly Hall. 

The IACUC and LAP offices will be moving from AHF to LILY the week of March 29, 2021. The main office will be LILY 2-110.

We ask for your patience as we move furniture and computers.  There will be no animal orders placed the week of March 22-26.  Emergency animal orders only will be allowed the week of March 29.  Animals can still be received both weeks, but no new orders will be placed.  Animal orders must be received no later than Wednesday, March 17, for delivery the weeks of March 22 and March 29.  New animal orders will resume April 5.  We will respond to email and Coeus requests in as timely a manner as we can.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Writer: Lisa Snider, CPIA, ldsnider@purdue.edu, (765) 494-7206