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Sponsored Program Services outlines recent revisions and clarifications from various federal agencies on the reporting of foreign and domestic collaborations and affiliations. 

Recently, many federal agencies have issued revisions and clarifications to their instructions regarding Other/Current and Pending Support (Other Support) documentation. In most cases, these updated instructions expand previous understanding of the information that must be reported to include all collaborations and affiliations that provide funding or require a commitment of time, whether foreign or domestic. Any activity conducted within the scope of an Investigator’s Purdue appointment that provides funding or requires a quantifiable commitment of time must be reported. Reportable outside activities and collaborations occurring in the summer should be included.

It is the investigator’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of Other Support documents, in accordance with the application guidelines or the sponsor’s instructions. As sponsor guidance may change, Sponsored Program Services recommends that the investigator pay close attention to the sponsor’s instructions in the request for proposal, policy guide or other instructional resources on how to prepare these documents. Each sponsor may request slightly different information or require that it be provided following their specific format. Investigators and departments should be prepared to respond to a sponsor’s questions about the information provided in Other Support.

Information and instructions provided by sponsors vary greatly and are often ambiguous. Sponsored Program Services offers some clarifying statements to standardize and set expectations on what to include in Other Support documents submitted by Purdue. See our website for more information. SPS will continue to update this resource with information as federal sponsor-specific guidance changes. Investigators are advised to review this information for every submission including Other Support.

Writer: Amanda Hamaker, Director, Pre-Award, Sponsored Program Services, ahamaker@purdue.edu