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ECET 474 - Digital Communications

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Effectivity: 08/25/2008 - Forward     @ Purdue West Lafayette Traditional
Credits: 4
Instructional Types: Lec Lab
Usually Offered: fal spr sum
Short Title: Digital Communications
Description: This is an advanced course in digital communications concepts and applications. Topics include analog message digitization, signal space representation of digital signals, binary and M-ary signaling methods, the detection of binary and M-ary signals, modulation of digital signals, signaling techniques, digital multiplexing and protocols. Applications of transport technologies using underlying communication protocols are discussed. Transfer of digital information through diverse communication media is emphasized. There is an introductory treatment of probability theory, including distribution and random variables; with the applications of normal and exponential distributions to traffic analysis. Practical application of the technologies and protocols are investigated in the laboratory.
School: School Of Technology
Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering Tech
Credit By Exam: NO
Repeatable Flag: NO
Temporary Flag: NO
Full Time Privilege Flag: NO
Honors Flag: NO
Variable Title Flag: NO


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