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CHE 597F - Advanced Solar Energy Conversion

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Effectivity: 08/20/2007 - 12/15/2007     @ Purdue West Lafayette Traditional
Credits: 3
Instructional Types: Lec
Usually Offered: fal spr sum
Short Title: Adv Solar Energy Conv
Description: The course will focus on: (1) the fundamentals of solar energy conversion, primarily with photovoltaics, (2) critical analysis of the state-of-the-art, and (3) the methods to develop the next generation of solar energy converters. Specific topics will include: Analysis of the solar spectrum, methods of solar energy utilization, thermodynamic analysis, electronic structure of materials, electronic transport, electron-hole generation, recombination, semiconductor junctions, device structure, minority carrier based devices, excitonic based devices, light management, economic analysis, experimental methods, state-of-the-art of silicon, thin film, and III-V technologies, next generation technologies.
School: Chemical Engineering
Department: Chemical Engineering
Credit By Exam: NO
Repeatable Flag: YES
Temporary Flag: YES
Full Time Privilege Flag: NO
Honors Flag: NO
Variable Title Flag: NO


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