Instructions for Course Additions, Expirations, or Revision

Undergraduate course additions, expirations, or revisions (course numbers 00100-49999) shall be originated by a department and submitted on Office of the Registrar Form 40 through appropriate channels to the Office of the Registrar at the West Lafayette campus.

If the number, title, and description of a course are all changed, it shall be considered a new course.

A proposal to change or expire a course that is a requisite for a course in another department or that is a requirement for a curriculum in any college/school should be discussed with the department and college/school concerned before submitting a change. In particular if the change or expiration affects multiple campuses, all campuses involved should be consulted.

If the request is a course revision, only the items to be revised need to be specified on the Form 40. For example, check Item #2 to add an existing course, indicate the course identifier (subject abbreviation and course number) and the campus where the course is to be added.

New subject abbreviations must be coordinated with the Office of the Registrar.

The numbering system designates the level of the course with 00100-09900 pre-college, remedial, deficiency and non-degree courses; 10000-29999 lower division; 30000-49999 upper division; 50000-59999 graduate courses open to upper-division undergraduates; 60000-69999 graduate courses and 80000-89999 professional courses. The department and/or college/school shall propose a course number, subject to clearance by the Office of the Registrar, in order to avoid duplication.

A number that has been used for a course being expired should not be used again for a new course.

The title of the course should reflect major content of the course. Variable title courses should be specified. Courses such as: special topics, special problems, seminars, selected topics may be offered under a variable title for students.

Courses with variable credit should be so indicated and minimum/maximum credit hours are to be specified. Equivalent credit is granted for non-collegiate courses and should be so designated.

If the grade option for the course is to be other than regular grade, (i.e. pass/not pass option or satisfactory/unsatisfactory option) the appropriate item should be checked.

Courses that are repeatable for credit, (indicate maximum number of times course may be repeated if applicable) credit by examination, variable title or requiring special fees should be indicated.

If special approval by department/instructor is required for scheduling purposes, it should be indicated.

Courses that are annotated as honors should be so indicated.

If a course has an off campus experience (i.e., Clinical Experience, Co-Op, Internship, Professional Practicum, or Student Teaching), please list accordingly.

Each instructional type that is utilized should be marked with an "X". For the definitions of each type, you can refer to Schedule Type Classification. Please indicate how many minutes per meeting, meetings per week and weeks offered. Additionally, of the total amount of credit associated with the course, please specify what percentage is to be recorded with each instructional type.

A department on a specific campus may create a course that is similar to an existing course offered on one or more campuses. However, the level and number for an existing course being offered on more than one campus shall remain the same unless the responsible department heads on all campuses that offer the course mutually agree to a change.

A course covering the same general area of essentially equivalent content will carry the same subject abbreviation, course number, and title for all campuses. However, basically equivalent courses may be offered with variable patterns (i.e. instructional types, such as laboratories) and variable credits with the approval of the responsible department heads.

*Your course learning outcomes should describe what you want your students to be able to know, do, and/or be as a result of completing the course.


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