myPurduePlan Advisor FAQ

What is myPurduePlan powered by Degree Works?

myPurduePlan is a web-based tool used to monitor academic progress toward degree completion. It combines Purdue University's degree requirements and the coursework that has been completed with easy-to-read worksheets that will help see how courses that have been completed count toward degree requirements which will enable them to see what courses and requirements still need to be completed.

What is a worksheet?

A myPurduePlan worksheet is a review of past, current and "planned" coursework that provides information on completed and outstanding requirements necessary to fulfill a degree/major/minor/concentration.

Can students view course information in myPurduePlan?

Yes, by clicking on a course in their worksheet they can view the course description, prerequisites required, and available course sections for the upcoming term. Course sections do not show location. The Schedule of Classes search feature on the student's myPurdue portal will show location.

Who can use myPurduePlan?

All currently enrolled undergraduate and professional students who first attended Purdue University beginning Fall 2011 or later. Additionally, any student with a Catalog Term beginning Fall 2011 or later will be able to run a worksheet.

Why can't students who began their studies at Purdue prior to Fall 2011 run a worksheet?

The University chose to start the myPurduePlan project starting Fall 2011. Students who matriculated prior to Fall 2011 should continue working with their academic advisor to check their degree requirements using the existing method in place. They may however utilize the "what if" worksheet to see how their coursework applies to degree requirements based upon the plan of study beginning Fall 2011 or later.

If I have trouble logging into myPurduePlan and receive an error indicating "Access Denied," what should I do?

Check to ensure your career account password does not contain any of the following symbols: +, %, $, @, or &. If it does, change your password and you should be able to access myPurduePlan.

What is the "what if" feature?

The "what if" function allows students to hypothetically change their major, minor or concentration. The new "what if" worksheet will show the coursework that is required for this major, minor or concentration, what courses have been taken that satisfy requirements and what courses are still left to take. The following data elements should always be populated when requesting a "what if" worksheet in order to ensure the most accurate data is retrieved: Degree, Catalog Term, Major or Minor or Concentration, and College.

Our department currently keeps their own notes on their advisees. What are the benefits of switching to this new system?

Any notes you enter become a part of the student's record and any faculty or administrative staff member who has access to myPurduePlan can view notes. This allows any individual working with a student to have a more complete understanding of the student's advising history. This also helps everyone work together to hold students accountable for following through on advice they were given. Everyone accessing the myPurduePlan tool has been FERPA certified and are aware of the guidelines to ensure notes follow these guidelines.

How did we decide what notes to include in the drop-down menu?

Currently, we are using the default notes provided by our product vendor, Ellucian. We will consider recommendations from your college/school. Please share your thoughts with your College Expert.

Will students be able to see the notes I enter?

Yes, notes can be viewed by students immediately once you save them. The notes appear at the bottom of the student worksheet.

Sometimes I have advisee discussions with students who aren't my assigned advisees. Can I add notes to any student's record?

Yes, if you have access to the myPurduePlan tool, you can enter notes on any student record.

How can I delete notes that I have entered incorrectly?

Send an email to with an explanation of the situation so the appropriate action can be taken to remove it.

What does the Term Calculator show?

The Term Calculator will show students estimated cumulative GPA after filling in hypothetical grade information. By entering the students' current earned credits and GPA and placing the in-progress courses in the table (this all will default) along with the grade anticipated for current courses. They will see a revised cumulative GPA based on the estimates provided.

What does the Graduation Calculator show?

This tool requires the student to enter the GPA they would like to have at graduation. The Graduate Calculator will show what GPA is needed to average over their remaining semesters to obtain the desired GPA at graduation.

What does the Advice Calculator show?

The Advice Calculator will show students how many credits must be earned at a certain GPA to achieve a desired GPA.

What should I do if I have suggestions for improving this tool?

You may contact your College Expert or send an email to the Degree Works team at We appreciate any comments or suggestions for ways to improve the myPurduePlan tool.

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