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Become a Group Instructor

Becoming a group fitness instructor is a life-changing career that carries both privileges and responsibilities. In the Group Fitness Instructor Prep Course, you will learn how to create innovative fitness classes that will inspire the Purdue campus community to move. This course will help transform your desire to teach into knowledge and an inspired skill set so that you can deliver an incredible class experience every time you teach.

Course Dates

Spring Semester

  • Tuesday/Thursday, 3–5:00pm
  • (12 weeks, 60 hours)

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This course is free to all Purdue students, however, in order to provide the appropriate level of instruction, space is limited. Therefore, we ask all applicants to submit a Group Fitness Instructor Course application form. Selected applications will be invited for a spot in this course. Application deadline is 11/29. Late applications will not be accepted.

Course Structure

This 12-week course is designed to give participants the knowledge and understanding necessary to prepare for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Group Fitness Instructor Certification Exam and become effective group fitness instructors. Participants will also have the opportunity to audition for a Group Fitness Instructor position. However, employment is not guaranteed just because you completed the course.  All registered participants will receive a discount on ACE study materials and the ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor Exam.

Prep Course Completion Requirements

  • Purchase a semester Group X Pass
  • Receive a grade of 80% or higher on written exam
  • Receive a grade of 80% or higher on practical exam (Instructor Audition)

Mentor Program Completion Requirements

  • Candidates will be assigned a mentor and complete team teaching for approximately 6-8 weeks.
  • Candidates will audition to teach specific formats.
  • Individuals will be paired with mentors who have teaching experience in select formats.

Course Instructor

This course will be co-taught by Assistant Director of Group Fitness and Instructional Programs at Purdue Recreation & Wellness along with the Graduate Assistant.


For more information regarding this course, please email Jenny Strickland