Ryder Cup 2020

The Purdue Ryder Cup is an 18-hole mini-version of the Ryder Cup which is a golf tournament between the United States and the European Union.    The Purdue Ryder Cup is held every year in mid-September between the Purdue Staff Golf League (PSGL) and the Physical Plant Golf Association (PPGA).  The format is match-play singles (standard match play). This year, the tournament will take place on a Saturday in September, the specific date is still to be determined, on the Ackerman-Allen Course. Tee times will start at 12:05pm. 

Each team has 9 players.  The format of play is that the lowest handicap PSGL player plays the lowest handicap PPGA player.   At the completion of 18 holes, the player winning the most holes wins 1 point for his league.  If the players tie, each player wins ½ point for his league.  This format is followed for all 9 matches.  The 9th match is only the tie breaker.  If the first 8 matches result in a 4-4 tournament tie, the 9th match breaks the tie.  If still tied at 4-1/2–4-1/2, last year’s tournament champion league retains the championship.