Together, we can Protect Purdue.

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At Purdue University, we are united in our persistent pursuit of solutions to any challenges we face, head on. In these unprecedented times, we work together to protect the health and safety of every member of our community. As a member of the Purdue community, we’ve done our research, consulted with top experts and prepared for your return. We’ve outlined some basic guidelines we ask you to follow as you pursue the exercise, recreation and wellness opportunities that are important to your health and well-being. By taking these precautions, together, we can ensure a safe experience for all of our members.


Together, we will Protect Purdue:

Protect Myself:

We’re all in this together. Because each of us must work to protect the health and safety of every member of our campus and community, we ask that you follow some basic guidelines as you use our facility:

  • Masks are required at all times (even while exercising) with the exception of being in water. 
  • Take advantage of contactless entry and exit using our RecWell app or our self-swipe ID station
  • Bring your own water bottle. Water fountains are bottle fill only.
  • Utilize hand sanitizing stations available throughout the facility.
  • If you require equipment (such as rackets), please be sure to also bring these with you.

Protect Others:

All RecWell members must also take responsibility and act in a manner that demonstrates respect and consideration for those around them, consistent with the Protect Purdue Pledge. We ask our members to help protect others by:

  • Wiping down equipment before and after each use.
  • Practice safe distancing in the locker rooms by using every other sink, stall, etc. as well as washing your hands frequently.
  • Help us maintain spacing of equipment to ensure proper distancing between members.

Protect Our Community:

On your first visit, you’ll notice new de-densifying, distancing and disinfecting measures we’ve implemented with the goal of Protecting Purdue and the health and safety of every member of our campus and community. Please think of our initial opening phase as a trial period and we will expand offerings as condtions allow. In this first phase we ask that you:

  • Look for marked spaces that can be found throughout RecWell for appropriate distancing.
  • Please be patient. Limited capacities throughout RecWell are being maintained to keep Boilermakers safe.
  • It is critically important that all students, faculty and staff monitor for and report any COVID-19-related symptoms to the Protect Purdue Health Center by calling 765-496-INFO (4636) or toll-free at 833-571-1043.

Frequently Asked Questions:

For more information on RecWell hours, services and offerings, please check our Frequently Asked Questions .

To learn more about the steps that Purdue is taking to protect the Purdue community, visit the Protect Purdue webpage .

For details on available programs, spaces, equipment and more, check out RecWell's reopening guidelines.