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Alcohol and Mental Health Medical Amnesty Policy
Alcohol and Physical Health FAQs


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95% stick with friends

Students want friends to tell them when they have had too much to drink

67% of Purdue students drink one or less times per week

88% of Purdue students would call 911 if a friend needed help

77% of Purdue students always know what's in their drink

44% of Purdue students alternate drinking water with alcohol

78% of Purdue students use a designated driver when drinking

88% of Purdue students eat while drinking alcohol

Data Source: Spring 2017 Survey of Purdue Students, N=553, 2017 Indiana College Substance Use Survey - Purdue  (n=1,405)


eCHECKUP TO GO is a personalized online alcohol education program. It can provide insight into your personal drinking habits and help you see ways you are already drinking healthily as well as ways you can improve. Click here to take the free online assessment and get your personalized results.

Alcohol and Mental Health

Alcohol and mental health often have interconnected relationships. Drinking can exasperate or lead to mental health issues, while a pre-existing mental health issue can lead to substance use problems. Alcohol should never be used a coping mechanism. If you know you have existing mental health conditions, consult with a medical staff member in PUSH or CAPS to see how alcohol may impact you.

Alcohol can have strong effects on individuals both physically and mentally. Counseling and Psychological Services can help you determine is alcohol is making a negative impact in your life. You can visit CAPS’ Alcohol and Other Drug page to learn more or call them at 765.494.6995.

Alcohol and Physical Health

Alcohol impacts your body in many ways. From metabolism, to sleep, to muscle recovery, be sure you understand how choosing to drink can affect your physical health.

Check out how alcohol is processed in the body and can affect many different functions.

See how drinking can have an impact on your muscle growth, metabolism, and sleep.

Get the facts behind what causes a hangover so you can be prepared to prevent it from happening the next time you drink.

Want to explore the effects of alcohol and drinking even more? Visit the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s webpage to get more info about what constitutes safe drinking, explore tools to help you make a change, or just learn more about some of your favorite drinks.

How to Help a Boilermaker

As Boilermakers we look out for each other. We work hard and play hard. If you know notice a fellow Boilermaker who is having a hard time due to drinking consider using the Student of Concern Report to get them connected to the right resources. The report can be filled out anonymously and helps Purdue support students who need help. If you notice an emergency situation concerning alcohol always call 911.

Medical Amnesty Policy

In cases of student intoxication and/or alcohol poisoning that occur on the West Lafayette campus, on the premises of a Recognized Student Organization or at a function sponsored by a Recognized Student Organization, the intoxicated student, as well as the student(s) seeking medical attention on the intoxicated student's behalf, will be exempt from Disciplinary Sanctions related to alcohol consumption.

In circumstances involving a Recognized Student Organization, the willingness of the members involved in seeking medical assistance for a member or guest will be viewed as a mitigating factor in the review process for the Recognized Student Organization for any possible violations.

Learn more about the Medical Amnesty Policy.


Have a question not mentioned above? We are here to answer the random questions you may have that are not covered in the above sections. If you have a question and need an answer, feel free to ask us here.

Is there a proven cure for hangovers?

The hard truth is, no. There is no proven method that has passed scientific scrutiny that effectively cures a hangover. The only thing that can help is time. Hangovers are thought to be caused by the toxic byproducts of alcohol metabolism and dehydration. So replenishing you fluids may also help.

Does bread absorb alcohol?

All foods will help slow the absorption of alcohol. When food is present in the stomach the pyloric sphincter, the gatekeeper between the stomach and the small intestine, blocks the travel of ingested material until it has been broken down by the stomach first. This delay helps slow the absorption of alcohol because the majority of alcohol absorption happens in the intestine.

Is “beer before liquor” really bad?

The reality is that it is the total amount of alcohol consumed that really matters. Some people may be more sensitive to the non-alcoholic make-up of different drinks due to the way they are produced. Drinking one type of alcohol first, however, does little to help prevent the negative side effects of over drinking.

Why do I have to go to the bathroom when I drink?

Alcohol is a natural diuretic, meaning that is causes diuresis, or increased production of urine. If you drink alcohol, it is inevitable that you will have to urinate more quickly and/or frequently. While you can try to hold it for as long as you can, you will eventually have to use the bathroom.

Do I have a drinking problem if I only drink wine or beer?

Problem drinking is not so much as what you drink, but how drinking affects your life. If you notice that drinking has an impact on your work, relationships, mood, or even day-to-day functions you should consider seeking out advice from a professional. Counseling and Psychological Services offers a free screening for those interested.

Request an alcohol education presentation for your classroom or organization.

There are two Federal mandates that the Wellness Suite helps meet to address alcohol and other drugs on campus. Yearly, all students are educated about alcohol and other drugs, health effects, laws and policies, and resources available for students. Visit In addition, every other year, a Purdue committee writes a Biennial Review highlighting the comprehensive approach Purdue takes to address alcohol and other drugs on campus. For information, visit

The Campus Improvement Team meets monthly to work together to create a safe and healthy environment for our students, by reducing the harmful effects of alcohol. For more information, contact Tammy Loew.

The Campus Community Bar Retail Coalition began in 2002. This group meets periodically throughout the year and brings together bars, retail establishments, Purdue representatives, law enforcement, city government, community organizations and students who work together to address high-risk behaviors. For more information, contact Tammy Loew.

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