Club Sports Driver Authorization Training Materials


These training materials are designed to make you aware of your responsibilities as a Club Sports driver. After reviewing these materials and completing the associated Web Certification you will be able to: 

  • Identify hazards related to club travel
  • Explain University & club travel policies
  • Explain emergency & accident response procedures 

Table of Contents

Who Needs to Complete This? 

Any individual who will be driving on behalf of their club must complete all of the associated trainings and submit the proper documentation to be considered an approved driver. This includes club members, coaches, or faculty/staff advisor. 

Driver Approval Process

Your Club Sports Driver approval is valid for one-calendar year from the last completed step. Basic steps to become an approved Club Sports driver include: 

  • Submit a completed RM01-R Form (MVR Check) and receive approval stating acceptable driving record 
  • Submit completed Club Sports Driver Authorization WebCert certificate
  • Submit your valid Driver's License

All items can be submitted via the Driver Approval Process Online Form

Reviewing your Driving Record

All drivers must pass a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) background check. Submission of the RM01-R Form authorizes Purdue to run this MVR Check. 

Do you have an acceptable driving record? Review the chart below. If a driver falls into the "Unacceptable" criteria at anytime, they are not eligible to drive. 



Moving Violations Two or fewer moving violations in the past three years Three or more moving violations in the past three years
At-Fault Crashes One or fewer crashes in the past three years Two or more crashes in the past three years
Major Offense No major offenses in the past three years

A single citation in the past three years for one of the following offenses:

  • Any alcohol or drug-related driving offenses
  • Refusal to submit a blood alcohol test
  • Reckless driving
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Any felony crime committed with a vehicle

Additional Steps

Will you be driving University vehicles? Will you be driving your own vehicle? If YES, then additional steps are needed!

To drive a University vehicle:

  • Complete the Passenger Van Training WebCert located in WebCert under "Risk Management" 
  • Submit completed Passenger Van Training WebCert certificate

To drive your own personal vehicle:

  • Submit valid proof of vehicle insurance
  • In the event of an accident involving your personal vehicle, the driver must look to the carrier of their personal insurnace for coverage.
  • The below coverage is required to drive a personal vehicle on behalf of the University
    • Bodily Injury:
      • Each Person - $100,000
      • Each Occurence - $100,000
    • Property Damage:
      • Each Occurence - $50,000

All items can be submitted via the Driver Approval Process Online Form

Driver Responsibilities

YOU are responsible for the safety of your passengers. Take this responsibility very seriously.

  • Ensure everyone is buckled up at all times
  • Keep windows clear of obstructions
  • Accomodate for weather, traffic, construction, etc. 
  • Follow all parking and traffic regulations
    • Do NOT speed
    • Reports of violations will result in loss of driver eligibility
    • Drivers are responsible for paying any traffic or parking fines that they incur
  • Be courteous to other drivers and/or pedestrians
  • Communicate all incidents to the club President and Trip Safety Leader 

Club Travel Hazards

  • Poor Weather increases stopping time, decreases vehicle control and reduces visibility.
    • Remember: slow down and do not use cruise control during bad weather
  • Because of Driver Fatigue, drivers should switch every three hours
    • The secondary driver in each vehicle should sit in the passenger seat and stay awake and alert with the driver at all times
  • Each vehicle should have maps and a travel route. Be prepared and know where you are going before leaving. 
  • If driving an unfamiliar vehicle, make adjustments and review instruments in advance of operating the vehicle.

University & Club Sports Travel Policies

Approved modes for club travel include: 

  • University Vehicles
    • 8-passenger van
    • 7-passenger van
    • 5-passenger car
  • Private Vehicles
    • Proof of valid vehicle insurance must be on file with the Club Sports Office
  • Chartered Service
    • Planes, Trains, Buses
    • No limit on distance or duration 
    • When traveling to an airport, bus station, or train station as a part of club travel, drivers must be approved if not a part of a chartered service.

University Travel Policies 

In order to drive a University Vehicle, drivers must: 

  • Be at least 20 years old
  • Possess a valid U.S. Driver's License
  • Have at least two year driving experience

In order to drive a University Car, drivers must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Possess a valid U.S. Driver's License
  • Have at least one year driving experience

Club Sports Travel Policies 

Travel Distance

  • A detailed travel itinerary is required for 
    • Trips exceeding 300 miles one-way 
    • Trips with an arrival time of midnight or later
  • Trips will NOT exceed 650 miles one-way or round trip within a 24 hour period unless using a chartered service or with approval from the Director of Recreation & Wellness 

Alcohol Use & Conduct

  • Use of alcohol is not permitted at any time during Club Sports trips
  • Clubs and club members must serve as positive representation for their club, Club Sports, and Purdue University 
  • Any violations of the above will result in severe penalties to the club 

Other Policies

  • Do not transport individuals that have not been listed on the Travel Roster
  • An additional travel itinerary must be submitted for any member whose travel differs from what is listed on the Travel Roster


  • At least one copy of the following documents is required in the carpool:
    • Club Sports Emergency Contact Card
    • Travel Roster listing approved drivers per vehicle, traveling roster, and Trip Safety Leader contact information
  • At least one of the following items are required in each vehicle:
    • Directions to the location
    • Contact information of recognized officers
    • Communication device
    • Two eligible drivers

Emergency & Accident Response

Accident Procedures 

  • Check for injuries and respond accordingly
  • Notify area police immediately
  • If driving a University vehicle, review "In Case of an Accident" form provided in the vehicle's glove box
  • Exchange information with the other involved drivers
  • Assess vehicle condition
    • If driving a University vehicle, follow necessary repair procedures depending on condition of vehicle
  • Report accident to your Club Sports Primary Contact 
    • Contact information can be found on the Emergency Contact Card

When and Who to Call 

  • In the event of a minor accident with minor injuries, call your Primary Contact and leave a message if unavailable
  • In the event of a major accident or situation with life-threatening injuries, call your Primary Contact and leave a message if unavailable. Continue to call each individual on the Emergency Contact Card until someone is reached. Leave a message with each unavailable individual. 

Emergency Repair Procedures for University Vehicles

  • For a Minor Condition (Up to $200)
    • Use supplied credit card or personal funds to make repair
    • Obtain receipt and communicate the incident to your Primary Contact
  • For a Major Condition (Over $200)
    • Call your Primary Contact and Purdue Police to notify Transportation of the incident
    • Transportation will advise you of procedures to follow

Trip Safety Leader Responsibilites

All clubs must designate a Trip Safety Leader for each trip. The Trip Safety Leader is responsible for: 

  • Understanding and enforcing all travel policies as outlined in the Club Sports Handbook
  • Ensure safe driving practices are being followed
  • Knowing weather conditions for the duration of the trip
  • Serving as the first responder in emergency situations and completing and submitting proper documentation

Questions? Please contact Kelsey Irby, Assistant Director - Club Sports & Development at  or at 765-494-3122.

Purdue University, Recreation & Wellness, West Lafayette, IN 47907 (765) 494-3109

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