Learn to Swim-Adult Level Information

Classes designed for participants 18 years of age or older.

Adult Level 1-Beginning Swim

This class is designed for the adult with little or no swimming experience. The goal of this class is to swim a specified length (25 yards), feel more comfortable in deep water, learn safety skills, and develop the basic strokes. This class is designed for participants to enjoy the water and prepare for increased activities around the water. 

  • Enter/Exit water using ladder, steps, or side
  • Blow bubbles through mouth and nose
  • Fully submerged bobs
  • Front/Back glides, 2 body lengths
  • Recover from a horizontal to vertical position 
  • Roll from front to back and back to front 
  • Learn arm and hand motions for treading water 
  • Alternation/Simultaneous arm/ leg actions of front and back, 2–3 body lengths 

Adult Level 2-Intermediate Swim

This class is designed for the weak, but well-adjusted swimmer. Participants should be able to swim 1 length of the pool (25 yards) using any stroke and have basic treading and floating skills. The general goals include increased proficency in the basic strokes, greater understanding of water safety, and the ability to use the water as a medium for recreation and fitness. 

  • Enter water by jumping from the side 
  • Headfirst entries from the side in a sitting and kneeling position 
  • Rotary breathing (turning the head to the side to take breaths) 
  • Front/Back floats, 15 seconds
  • Treading water, 30 seconds 
  • Flutter/Scissor/Dolphin/Breaststroke kicking on the front, 15 yards 
  • Front Crawl/Elementary Backstroke, 15 yards 

Adult Level 3-Advanced Swim

This class is designed to help participants focus on forming more proficent strokes, refining stroke techniques, and learning lasting training techniques. Training tips include helping participants add to their own workouts or join a swim team. 

  • Shallow-angle dive from the side, kick 2–3 body lengths underwater, begin any front stroke 
  • Tuck and pike surface dives, submerging completely 
  • Front and back flip-turns 
  • Tread water, 3 minutes 
  • Front Crawl/Breaststroke/Butterfly, 25 yards 
  • Elementary Backstroke/Back Crawl/Side Stroke, 25 yards

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