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Updated 4/17/14

Spring 2014 Cooking Demonstrations

Cooking nutritious meals is an important skill for lifelong health and wellness. A healthy diet fuels your body and improves mental function and emotional well-being. Our cooking demonstrations provide you with culinary skills, recipes, and tips for healthy eating. Each program lasts for approximately one hour and provides samples to taste. Pre-registration is required and the cost for each class is $10. Sign-up online, by visiting the Member Services desk, or calling 765.494.3110.

Stress-Less Cooking Classes

Our stress-less cooking demonstrations are designed to teach you how to fit cooking into your busy lifestyle!  Our Student Cooking Instructors will teach you how to make healthy and delicious meals on your own and provide recipes that are quick, easy and affordable.

Gluten-Free Foods

  • Gluten is a protein found in a variety of foods and following a gluten-free diet can be challenging. This class will provide information about foods that you already eat that are gluten-free and help you find substitutes for gluten-containing foods that you can enjoy. Recipes will include Cinnamon Breakfast Quinoa, Chicken Parmesan, and Chocolate Lava Cakes.
  • Wednesday, April 23, 7–8pm

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International Classes

Learn about cuisines around the world! This cultural experience will teach you about ingredients used in various regions of the world and the role of food and cooking in different countries. You will also sample authentic international dishes and learn recipes to use in your own home!

Feast From the Middle East

  • Allow your taste buds travel the world with unique and delicious foods from this diverse region. Explore the fresh flavors of the Mediterranean diet and learn useful cooking tips and techniques to create healthy and budget-friendly Mediterranean food at home.
  • Monday, April 14, 7–8pm

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

  • Celebrate the blending of Mexican and American cultures through food. Delight in budget friendly and fun recipes through our take on rice, corn and beans!
  • Thursday, May 1, 7–8pm

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