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Health Insurance

Purdue University does not mandate health insurance coverage for domestic students, however, because PUSH provides primary care, you may want to review the insurance plan the university makes available to students to reduce the risk of unintended medical expenses. Unintended medical expenses can have a devastating impact on a student’s educational career. If you have health insurance for your student, please be sure that the student carries an insurance card (or a double-sided copy of the primary member’s card). That card will be needed for care at PUSH and in the West Lafayette/Lafayette community. If your student is out-of-state, please verify the plan’s insurance coverage if the student will be using the plan while at Purdue. Questions to consider are: 1) how will my coverage work if my student is sick and needs to go to the doctor? 2) If my student is referred to a specialist, can they see one in Indiana or do they need to come home to be covered?

Paying for Care at PUSH

Visits to the PUSH Medical Clinic are provided at no cost to full time students who have paid the student fee. However, PUSH will bill the student’s insurance for laboratory services, radiology services, after hours care, etc. Because PUSH is Out-of-Network for all insurance plans except the plan made available by the university, there may be additional costs for those services. Please remind your student he/she must bring his/her insurance card to every PUSH visit. Information about the cost of services at PUSH is available on the website or by calling the PUSH business office at (765) 494-1677. A student can receive a great many of the services provided by Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at no charge. There are charges associated with some of the specialty services provided at CAPS, such as: assessment specifically for Alcohol and Other Drug issues and AOD classes, formal psychological testing for ADHD, Learning Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders, individual therapy sessions, if a student has exceeded the amount of sessions provided at no charge in a given semester, and psychiatric follow-up sessions. Please see CAPS website for further information about fees and fee waivers.

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